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Monday, July 6, 2009

Women and Heroes: Lost or Found?

By Jean Bush

What is a Hero?

According to Wikipedia: A hero, in Greek mythology and folklore, was originally a demigod, the offspring of a mortal and a deity, their cult being one of the most distinctive features of ancient Greek religion.

Later, hero (male) and heroine (female) came to refer to characters that, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self-sacrifice - that is heroism - for some greater good, originally of martial courage or excellence, but extended to more general excellence.

In classical antiquity, hero cults, the veneration of deified heroes, such as Heracles, Perseus and Achilles, played an important role in Ancient Greek Religion. Politicians, both ancient and modern, have employed hero worship for their own apotheosis i.e. the cult of personality.

A prime example here in the U.S. is President Barack Obama. He is young, slender, personable, attractive and is worshipped as heroic because he is the first Black American President. The fact that he literally cannot make a speech without a teleprompter is considered unimportant by his worshippers. And the fact that he is nothing but an Illuminati controlled sock-puppet who was placed, not elected, into office, also goes unnoticed by most. The point is that a cult of personality has been raised so high around this man that few can see him for what he really is. But this will be discussed further at a later date.

The literal meaning of hero is thought to stem from the Latin verb servo (to preserve whole) and the Avestan verb haurvaiti (to keep vigil over.) According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the Indo-European root is ser meaning to safeguard.

So hero means protector, defender and guardian. And what woman would not want to love a hero and be loved and cherished for all of her life?

Not the feminists! They only want to dominate, control and push men around. They want to be equal, meaning to be like men, but better then, in finance, opportunity and sports. They want hard bodies like men. They want to be everything that a man is, except the very thing that makes a man a man and what a man truly wants, a soft, tender and willing woman.

Some believe that there are no heroes anymore; but that is not true. Heroes abound everywhere, those men who continue to live and fight against such encroaching darkness that even casts away their own shadows and who continue to operate effectively in the world, despite the odds that continue to be stacked ever higher against them.

It is dealing with the tediousness of everyday living, struggling to provide for homes and families that becomes harder and harder each day as the coming New World Order casts its net further and further over us all. It is fighting endless taxation and personal interference by the State, while attempting to hold their lives together even as the Luciferian agenda of total destruction continues across the U.S. and Europe.

These men who hold fast their loves and families in the face of the greatest danger the world has ever known, are our true heroes. But these men can only love a heroine.

Who is she? She is a woman of substance, integrity, courage and vision. She provides safety and hope, a haven for her retuning hero to lay down his sword and love and rest in her.

So, all you ladies and heroines, make yourselves known. Call your hero to your side. He is out there, waiting. Just for you.


  1. "Who is she? She is a woman of substance, integrity, courage and vision. She provides safety and hope, a haven for her retuning hero to lay down his sword and love and rest in her."
    Very poetic! True, very true! There are still heroes out there. And heroines, in their eyes.

  2. Part One:

    Dear Jean Bush,

    Assalam Aleikum,

    I like your site very much. It is very refreshing to read such open, sensible, reasonable and heartfelt views on the relationship between men and women, which of course has deteriorated almost terminally here in the west, and unless we are careful, will do likewise in Islam also.

    I was raised on tales of warrior heroes and beautiful princesses. Of course, when one grows up, one realises that a woman doesn't have to be physically stunning to be a `princess.`

    That quality is often to be found more in her heart than in her face (although a combination is nice :-)

  3. Part Two:

    In Pakistan where I grew up, boys and girls were kept apart mostly. Different schools and different social events. I remember when I first met my wife. Horror of horrors by western standards, it was `arranged.`

    She was the most perfect thing I had ever seen, and after twenty years, still is in my eyes. Although four children later, time has taken it's toll on both of us.

    She told me before we were married that I was her hero. Last week, when I unblocked our toilet, she said the same thing.

    No one compelled her to marry me. She had the choice, which I did not. That is the tradition in Pakistan, to protect girls from men who their instinct tells them will not treat them well.

    My eldest daughter is 11 years now. We live in Hamburg Germany, and she sings in a choir. We went to see her recent presentation, and at evenings end, she came to me and said that I was her hero, for driving them through torrential rain and getting them to the concert hall in time. She told me that in her whole life, I had never let her down, (nor do I intend to either).

    Something called feminism has caused things to go horribly wrong here in Europe, and the same is I believe happening there with you.

    Why women want to be like men defeats logic. It is a little like a beautiful flower wishing it were a cactus. Surely if women are the equal of men, then they should show themselves to be so as women, not pseudo male.

    I have no doubt that Allah created all things equal in their own capacity, not least men and women.

    Anyway, very well written, and please continue as common sense is contagious.


    Pervaiz Jamal ibn Sharriff.

  4. Evening Jean

    I like your post, it's very poetic indeed.
    And has a real good dose of common sense too.