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Monday, July 6, 2009

Feminism and the Death of Beauty - Part 1

Letter to Philip Jones at
From Jean Bush

Daily Entry:
I received this email from an American woman this morning, In my writing, I have been trying to expose feminism for what it truly is: A `Change Agent` sponsored and promoted by the global elite in order to break down families, alienate women from men and create fracture, isolation and desperation. Not fogetting it's destructive and much intended effect on the population.
It has to be said they have done their job well. But there is a backlash coming, and it has already begun in America, and as with all things, will make its way here in due course.
Beware all you `Red Stocking` types, your days are numbered.

Dear Philip,
Feminism - the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes. Organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary).
When women decided, thanks to the Illuminati, that they needed to be equal to men as opposed to being loved and protected by them, they lost the very thing that actually set them apart from men and made them cherished: their beauty.

True beauty: that radiant spirit that comes from the perfect love of God and the secure and tender love of men, which transforms even the most dowdy of women into that most glorious of creatures - a happy woman.
But the feminist has divested herself of the one thing that make-up, chemicals, and even good heath cannot replace as beauty treatments: the companionship of a good man.

Companion: Middle English - compainoun, from Anglo-French cumpaing, cumpaigunun, from Late Latin - companion, companio, and from the Latin - com + panis - bread or food. To break bread in the company of...
No one asked me, Philip, if I wished to be strong and independant, equal and free. No one asked me if I wanted an endless array of "choices" and and the "freedom" to pick and choose as if I were in a supermarket.

I don't want to choose all the time. I want to be chosen!
Now they have caused men to turn away from us because feminists insisted we were being oppressed by being loved and protected and cared for. So now the few of us that see through the tawdry magician's trick, have been left alone on stage, listening to endless rows of silence, while the dimming lights make it ever harder to see the way out.

We women must take back our power we have so willingly given up, and armed with knowledge, we can beat back the encroaching darkness the Illuminati wishes to blind us with and, side by side with our loving men, take control once again of our lives and watch as this evil slithers away into the ugly swamp from which it came.
Jean in Hollywood.


  1. Men have now only responsibilities and not power in families.

    That is why they do not care about you any more.

    It is ridiculous women talking about taking their power back because women have now all the power.

    Women need to give up power and control if they want men to love them again.

    And explain their daugther not to be sluts. Because most of men do not care about something that do not belong to them.

  2. It's true, being loved makes one beautiful, naturally. Fountain of youth = Love + Be Loved. Truly. But in my opinion also, we will never be able to receive true love unless we give true love. We must learn to receive in order to be able to give (we should never think we are too "big" to receive nor too "little" to be able to give), and the other way around. What goes out, comes around. This is law of life.

  3. Speaking of the death of beauty all you see nowadays are young women wearing jeans, t-shirts, stupid sunglasses, endlessly texting on their devices of male alienation called cell phones. A little advice to women you are more beautiful when you wear women's clothes as in dresses, skirts, blouses, thigh highs, make your own clothing, go to fabric stores. Women you look more beautiful when you don't change your hair color when your wear your hair long to distinguish yourself as a woman.
    Women you look more beautiful with less makeup. Women you look more beautiful when you aren't using your cell phone as your virtual reality to ignore and alienate yourself from men, which means: ditch the cell phone!
    Women you can still attend finishing schools and that should be your number one priority instead of college. Women are guarenteed to learn more in one month of finishing school than four meaningless years droning and parroting away in the local college.
    Young women beauty is more complex than you could ever realize now, you need to relearn your roots and tradition so as to not completely corrupt yourself and give yourself to endless misery and unfulfillment.

  4. The real crux of the matter is the mass entry of women to the work force - the concept of woman as an independent economic unit. The oral contraceptive pill was another gamechanger. Even if nothing was written on feminism until the 1950s when these changes came along, we'd still end up pretty well where we are today. These changes are more fundamental even than women getting the vote.

    Everything really stems as an inevitable consequence of those trends. Quite frankly, until the concept of woman as independent economic unit, and birth control disappear (which is never), nothing will substantively change.

    I've reached that new understanding recently.

    The core issue is not the rhetoric - it is the change economic and reproductive landscape. The rhetoric came secondary to that.