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Friday, July 3, 2009

Letter from an American Woman: Women and Cancer

From Philip Jones-Righteous Alliance

Daily Entry:
This morning, I received this letter from a Lady in Hollywood, Los Angeles, in response to my `To Kill A Tree. The Conclusion` article.
On this site, I seem to have a number of readers, but few if any who wish to comment. Perhaps it's the language thing, but "Tale Dansk for Pokker," hvis i vil. Jeg kan godt forstaar det.
Anyway, I was so impressed by this brave woman's understanding of what has been done to us, and make no mistake, this isn't something just happening in the US or Britain, it's here in an all pervasive form here in DK and to a degree probably not found elsewhere. It is a world wide agenda and it's advancement is accelerating at a phenomenonal rate now.
I thought it an idea to post the letter in it's original form, and perhaps hopefully encourage others to leave comment also. Here it is then:

Dear Philip,

Women are the exquisite and loving reproductive partners of men and being engaged in the edification of civilization, become the natural targets of any Elitest agenda to destroy same. When love, and its ultimate spiritual sexual expression, the result being children and family, are disengaged from women's normal inclination for such, society crumbles, children become state property and men and women become warring instead of loving. You are correct when you say that women over 50 are more likely to become infected with HPV vis a vis cervical cancer then young girls, as they are more likely to have numerous sex partners. However, in many places in various Western cultures, including Britian and the US, girls as young as 9 are engaging in sexual exploration and have few problems completing the full sex act.

Eva Peron, who married Juan Peron, the president of Argentina, started having sex at the age of 13, as she climbed over the "laps" of dozens of men in her frantic efforts to escape a background of illegitimacy and poverty. She died at 33, at the height of her fame, of cervical cancer. It has been documented by medical authorities that the frequency of sex, starting at a very young age, increases the likelihood of cancer 500 fold. Women who marry at 18+ and remain faithful with one partner, have almost zero chance of this disease. Breast cancer is more likely to strike these women then any cancers of the sexual organs. Therefore, the Illuminati encouragement of sexual experimentation, under the guise of the "sexual freedom of choice" is as likely to kill or disable women as is the poisonous Gardasil, or any other vaccine they will come up with.

As society continues to breakdown, and men and women seek endless "hook-ups" with each other, instead of love and its attendant stabilizers of marriage and family, the Illuminati's agenda of scouring the earth of 75% of its population will be easier and easier to implement, and probably no blood will be shed. We will give ourselves over to them, for their promise of dark satanic salvation will seem ever more enchanting then this execrable loneliness we have self-imposed upon ourselves.

There is no hope for us if we continue to allow their insidious fingers to touch everything that we hold precious and dear, as neccessary for love, family and the building of strong societies and cultures, the only resistance we have to their Luciferian agenda. As they continue to multiply and plant and spread their own evil seed, our Christian values and "clean" seeding of our own people, will blow away like dust, and perhaps even God will turn His face away from us in despair. I think not, however, but I will not live to see it. I can live only long enough to fight it, if I can. It is the young we must reach, but they are busy "iPoding" to a different drummer, that of the Illuminati. While their parents are busy with the Elite controlled media, wondering where their wasted lives went.

I can't blame you for being upset when no one responds to you. Your brilliance and clarity leave no room for doubt, but it is like shouting into the wind.

Jean Bush


  1. Dear Jean,

    Consider to join us for A Wonderous Woman Retreat
    on August 13,14,and 15

    The Wonderous Woman retreat program leads and encourages every woman to connect to all facets of her purpose and value. Our approach is to create experiential retreats in beautiful venues where you can connect to your mind, body and spirit.

    It's easy to take care of everyone else in our lives, but we tend to forget about ourselves.

  2. Thank you for your invitation, but I must respectfully decline.

  3. I can tell this is going to be an awesome blog,I found my way here from Save the Males

  4. What I find interesting is the fact that the more sex acts or casual fucks a woman has when she is young means that she is more likely to have cervical (vaginal) cancer when she is older has to be a correlation there obviously.
    As for men and prostate cancer due to fucking around in college or drinking and having one night stands correlates to abusing your sexual organs meaninglessly for casual/careless sex instead of doing as god intended and finding a woman to create a family with and prosper for life. The fact that so many people have lost their sense of right and wrong and honesty and are only concerned with money and power they are so spiritually corrupt that they lose their way completely before age sixteen.
    I am a single man and I don;t see any woman in my neighboorhood that would be fit as my wife.
    That should be a distant early warning enough that young women have corrupted themselves and are not being taught to be wives but to be drunken bar/party sluts that give "it" away at the drop of a hat. You have to look to traditional women in eastern europe or russia to find white women that still have strong values and are dedicated and encouraged to be wives instead of aimless college drones with no direction such as todays american ladettes are behaving.