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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Equality and the Death of Love

When I heard that 50% of marriages ended in divorce, over 20 years ago, even then I sensed something was wrong. And it has only gotten worse. The concept of equality is the basis of feminism and the knife the Illuminati uses to rip and shred the very fabric of society, the family. Men and women can never be equal. It is against nature.

Men clear the way, build and give. Women sweep up the rubble, make homes and receive. Men want to give their hopes, dreams and desires, and women want to receive, nurture and encourage this. Men do battle and need someplace to rest. Women do not care for battles themselves, but wish only to make a safe haven for their warriors to love, sleep and go out and do it again. And men in their turn protect and cherish them. Men want their lineage to continue. Women receive this desire and the resultant children are protected and raised to follow their own dreams and continue the traditions of a society that is strong and secure, creating nations that can withstand any onslaught of evil that may try to destroy them.

Men and women balance each other. Without women, men become frustrated, destructive and brutal. Women, with their refined and exquisite being, raise men from the dust to the sublime. But without men, women become bitter, unfulfilled and without direction.

This is the equality that Betty Friedan and her ilk wish for all mankind. The concept of men oppressing women with their love, protection and wishes for home and family is the single most destructive weapon in their arsenal. Convincing women that they can be equal and independent of men has created a hybrid race of (women? I think not) females that distain all past traditions in their lesbian attempts to become pretend men.

And that's the crux of the matter; men see this and also become disdainful of their own traditional roles and we have before us now the resultant societies that cannot hold together. We spin out of control and the Satanistic powers that have us in their grip must be well pleased.

I have stood firm against it, but what good does it do?? I cannot fight this alone. And frankly, am getting tired of this pitched and endless war. I am not made for battle. I don't know what I'm made for at this point, and really don't care anymore.

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  1. Dear Jean,

    Because of it's length, I will post this one in segments:

    Part One.

    Feminism has been a blight on my life. It has obstructed, even prevented me from realizing my absolute potential as a man and creature of nature. It has corrupted every relationship, perverted how others have perceived me, how I have perceived others.

    The earliest recollection I have of any appreciation of the `Fairer Sex` was the film `Sword of Lancelot` with Cornel Wilde. I could not have been more than seven years old old and was captivated by the beauty and grace of Jean Wallace's Guinevere, and the superbly masculine, chivalrous and courageous Lancelot of Cornel Wilde. I think it fair to say that it was this film which planted the seed in me, at that young age, which grew into the man that I became. Of course there were others, the beautiful and elegant actresses of a Hollywood long since transformed into the Neo-Politico mind control, social engineering weapon that it is today, complete with the awful Angelina Jolie's, Uma Thurman's and Demi Moores and their contempories. It was the beautiful yet tragic love between Lancelot and Guinevere which began the process which led to the forming of a huge piece of my adult persona.
    Most people today, reading the above, would regard these sentiments as being `corny` and outdated, but I feel that you, will understand these things.

  2. Part Two.

    During the late seventies, the economic situation was very dire in the Industrial area of South Wales where I was born and bred (manipulated by the `brotherhood` in order to implement the next stage of their `Great work` and bring their newest protege, Margaret Thatcher to the fore) . Jobs, were hard to find, the Steelworks and Mines were `downsizing` and my own school-days had been forcibly curtailed by parents without a steady income. I joined the Military and a year later, was patrolling the streets of Belfast and Derry with a 7.62mm SLR in my hands.
    As the 1970's rolled into the `eighties,` I was still gainfully employed in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. I felt I belonged, and even liked working in Northern Ireland. But, after six years, my contract expired so I made a life choice and joined the Police Service.
    At the Police Training School, I came head to head for the first time with `New Woman` and I hated her. Due to my military background, I was selected to be `Squad Leader` of the intake, which was made up of approximately 85% male and 15% female recruits. For thirteen weeks, these girls complained, moaned, caused disruption and dissension, fell down during foot drill, cried when they hurt themselves (which they seemed to do often) and flirted unashamedly with fellow recruits and instructors alike, causing several marital ruptures. They caused cliques and divisions which fostered so many problems during those weeks of training. I often wondered why a woman would want to do such a job.

    Thirteen weeks later, having successfully completed the course, I felt that overall, I had triumphed against the forces of irrationality. For the next five or six years, the `Feminist Question` and myself had little contact, except through the media.

  3. Part Three:

    In 1987, I decided that a change of location would be the best for all concerned and transferred to the Metropolitan Police in London. As the Capital City of the UK and it's political centre, every imaginable social extreme was highlighted and propagated. By 1989, mostly every `in job` vacancy in the `Force` was filled whenever possible by either a female or `minority.` applicant. During the early part of that year, due to a knee injury sustained playing Rugby, I was temporarily suquested to the Force Recruitment Section. Here, `Affirmative Action` or what was termed in the UK as Positive Discrimination was akin to a religion. Many of the normal requirements for entry were dropped or adjusted, where females and minorities were concerned. We were told that there were `quotas` to be filled, and irrespective of aptitude or suitability, filled they must be. `Access` courses were arranged for `minority applicants` to ensure success in the written aptitude test. I should mention here that the majority of minority applicants I dealt with had no need of these courses, and many objected to being required to attend them. The Medical and Fitness tests were adjusted accordingly to ensure that female candidates would pass these `tests`.
    I began to see that fairness and equality was not the name of the game at all. Former members of the armed forces, particularly those with regiment tattoos, or Union Jacks etched into their forearms were to be discouraged, no matter if they were highly suitable, unless they were either female or a minority of course.
    Worse still was the level of anti male hostility displayed openly by new female recruits. An attitude conditioned into them by the new and extended training course at the Police College, the contents of which had been politicized to fit the new dogma of the age.

  4. Part Four:

    Back to patrol work for only two weeks, I was next sent on a `Sensitivity` course in a North London Polytechnic. This course consisted of a week of thinly veiled Feminist indoctrination, and was `moderated` by two of the most stereotypical `Femi- Marxists` one could imagine. I was, along with most of my colleagues in constant conflict with them, as they attempted to impose their nonsensical ideologies on what was in the main a room filled with men familiar with the realities of life` as Police Officers tend to be.
    At work, the `climate` changed ever so gradually, and one became very careful of how one behaved towards female colleagues, and allegations of `harassment` against male officers grew in kind. I myself was reprimanded on a number of occasions for the heinous crime of saying, "Good morning girls" and similarly innocent remarks whilst entering offices within the Police Station complex. It was explained to me that some of the female members of staff felt the term `girls` to be demeaning.
    To be honest, by the time I injured my back on duty in 1995, I had had enough of the Police Service. It was barely recognizable as the job I had joined fifteen years previously. Still nowhere near the `Strong` arm of the ruling government it resembles today, the writing was most definitely on the wall.

    In London at this time, one would not barely even dare to offer one's seat to a woman on a bus or train for fear of being publicly ridiculed as a chauvinist or sexist. Life had most definitely taken a turn for the worse.
    The first half of the 1990's was probably the last time that British women generally took any pride in their daily appearance, and the incessant wearing of trousers in place of a dress or a skirt was still some years hence. In early 1996, having been retired on ill health, I moved over to live in Denmark.

  5. Part Five:

    If my experiences with the `Feminist` were unfortunate in the UK, upon arriving in Denmark, I was confronted by a far more virulent and all embracing model. Feminism is akin to a `State Sponsored` Religion here, and it's tenets are accepted and practised without question. In fact, so entrenched is it in society, it has become the `norm`.
    They have achieved a level of androgyny, that I have not seen elsewhere, although slowly but surely, the whole of Europe is heading that way. One might imagine that many of the women here could have been cloned. They dress the same, behave in the same manner, cut their hair the same, wear the same spectacles, have almost identical opinions about the `Holy Cows` of Danish life (The Welfare State, Education, Health Care and Feminism) and to all intents and purposes, at least superficially, are the same persona. This is a `Hive` and the Queen Bee rules. The extent of feminist ascendancy and male emasculation is more extreme than in other countries I have lived in or visited. It begins in the kindergarten and goes on from there. Boys as boys, girls as boys. These days, whenever I am to be introduced to a Danish `woman,` I have not previously met, I form a mental image of what she will look like, and 9 from 10, I am spot on the ball; Short hair, no make up, spectacles, dark coloured baggy clothes and the obligatory pair of ill fitting trousers.
    Notwithstanding the above, there is the Media, and the moving image in particular. We have not had a television in our home since 2005. Sometime around 2003, I began to feel very agitated by Hollywood's persistent portrayal of women as `warriors` and `kicking girls` in scenes where small skinny women would be beating the `Devil` out of large muscular men who could in reality, fold them into `Origami figures`. It is now of course near impossible to find a film which excludes these ridiculous themes. As a former 3rd Degree Black Belt in Karate and competitive Kick-boxer, I absolutely refute the very possibility of this tripe being the case. In my none too limited experience in the Combat Sports arena, I know categorically that the female is simply unable to generate the kind of explosive force necessary to knock a strong and adrenally pumped man on his backside, except by surprise. I taught Self Defence to women at back in the early 1990's and tell you this, when faced with a violent situation 9.9% of women freeze and panic. This is a fact, it is their nature, and no amount of PC feminist dogma will change it.

  6. Part Six:

    We no longer have a television at home. The lies and misinformation became just too obvious and nauseating. Before `losing the tube` when watching young actresses like Alyssa Milano or some of the others who have been portrayed in this aggressive `fight mode` stereotype, I have often wondered at what they themselves think of their roles. Do they believe that they are furthering the plight of the downtrodden woman ? In fifteen years as a Constable, it was my experience that when women stand and fight with men, they get badly hurt. We always taught that for a woman to survive in a confrontation with a man, she must use that element of surprise, hit, then run like hell. Hollywood and it's ilk, are placing women in harm's way, by showing them a fantastical fable so far removed from reality.
    But why on earth do women today want so much to be like men ? Of course, it's because of a `cradle to grave` Social Engineering program, making use of all the instruments of information and propaganda available, the Education, Media, and Pop Music factories et al. Feminism is now the unchallenged received wisdom and publicly accepted consensus.
    Jean, what you are attempting to do is like a beacon in the dark. Although we have not met, through reading your articles, I feel I know you well. You have inspired me in so many ways, and I no longer feel alone in a world where all the inalienable truths I know to be real, have been turned on their head by the `Illuminati` Brotherhood of Doom.`

    So am I a misogynist? Well yes and no, but only until some sweet gentle thing, smiles at me, and treats me respectfully as a man and not some virulent anti female disease. For the rest of them, with their short hair, manly clothes, manly ways, and denial of their true nature, I have only loathing and contempt. Not an ounce of compassion or sympathy, for as I approach my fiftieth birthday, they are my enemy, and even though I know and understand that they themselves are but pawns in a deadly game, I cannot help but think that there are those amongst them who do know what they do, and it's consequences, yet persist in doing it, regardless of the cost.
    Some years ago, at a University where I was giving a lecture, a typically scruffy looking 24 year old female student began to assail me with the usual feminist rhetoric. She asked me if I was intimidated by a `strong woman`? I said that in nearly fifty years of life, I had not met such a thing. She was confused by this response and seemed bemused that a man had actually something to say for himself. She then engaged me in argument, a situation which by nature, I relish. For the next hour, I verbally `drilled` her into her seat as I unleashed years of pent up anguish and recently acquired knowledge. At the end, she was white like a sheet and I could see that her own belief system had been if not crushed, severely damaged. She knew nothing of Betty Freidan, nor Gloria Steinberg, nor even Margaret Sanger. She knew not where her instilled ideology originated, that it was via the CIA and Communist agitative ideologues, bought and paid for by moneyed elites such as the Rockefeller's and Rothschilds, and that beyond them, something far more sinister lurked.

  7. Part Seven:

    I told her about the `girl` soldiers in Iraq, with their dislocated joints and other strains caused by doing a job women were never intended to do. About Women Police Sergeants crying on the streets of London whilst being tossed around like a rag dolls, until a male colleague arrives to `save` her. Of Women Fire fighters being unable to carry a body from a burning building due to inadequate strength, employed only on the basis of their gender.
    I'm not sure whether what I said stuck, or whether the inevitable reinforcing of dogma through her University `professors` will have erased my tirade from her memory. I somehow doubt that as I am not easily dismissed. My challenge to speak to her class, or debate with her teachers in open forum was was not taken up.

    So maybe I am only a discriminating misogynist. A female counsellor for the Police during an annual evaluation once said to me that I suffered from a `Sir Galahad` complex and that I was only able to relate to attractive women. I told her that it was more likely a `Sir Lancelot` complex as the former was the perfect Knight, and that I was most certainly not that.

    I hope that my ramblings have not been too disjointed, I just felt the need to tell you something of the man you have often corresponded with, but never met, and who admires and regards you and thinks of you as a friend. I am honoured to know you and praise your courage and conviction, for you have dared to lock horns with the beast of all beasts, that most destructive and vicious of weapons used to demoralize and de-construct all that is is good and true in humanity.
    "Whatever became of Sweet Guinevere" ?

  8. I am an attorney. I am a woman. I am a widow. I bought into all this men stuff, a long time ago. Since then, I have learned that men do not respect women. I have to put up with bullying opposing counsel, and men who believe they are better than me, everyday.
    I am tired of it. Men are no better or worse than women, and I'm tired of men's control over power. The more men control, the more they screw up. Just look at the state of our nation, and ask yourself why men are in charge?
    The only women allowed into the power club are token women, with moustaches, ie lesbians.
    You can blame the Illuminati, but the truth is women are getting divorced bc they married morons and idiots who are self centered and lacking in empathy or IQ. Smart men keep their wife happy. You want to blame the divorce rate on women's lib, you are avoiding the facts, ie men cheat, men drink, men drug, and men abuse, verbally, physically and sexually. They feel entitled to have sex if they only buy dinner. Men have become the worst of our species, and they have the power to control society, and they are presently mucking it up.
    Men should be subservient to women. You are right, we are not equal, bc women are better, more moral and more empathetic than men.
    Additionally, women are smarter than men, and each time they get a chance to prove themselves, they work twice as hard, and are twice as good at it.
    Men know this. This is why men try to get women to be their personal slaves, and work in the lowest paying jobs.
    Don't bother me with all this whining. If you were a decent man, you would not be divorced, and you would not be getting the brunt of righteous anger at your egotistical BS.

    If you don't want to be viewed that way, become a decent person, moral and loving, and stop hollaring about your loss of power. Men should not have power, and if they didn't, we would not be bankrupt, and we would not be in two illegal wars of aggression, running around carpet bombing civilians and children.

  9. To Philip,
    I read parts of your rant, above, and have a few observations:
    1. You have some nerve attacking a student, in public for her question regarding power;
    2. You abused her, verbally, in front of her peers;
    3. You have pent up rage, and you need to stop hating women, for your own good;
    4. Nobody wants to kiss your arshe, and if you were not the teacher of that class, you would have not had the power to control the students, and you would have gotten your arshe kicked for rudeness and for your ridiculous commentary;
    5. Forget the past, forget the blame, look in the mirror, if you feel impotent, or in the alternative, try viagra;
    6. If I had been your Dean, I would have fired you for your unprofessional performance. If I had been that student's parent, I would have demanded your job, and a refund of the tuition for your wasted class.

    This is what I mean about giving men power. They should not have any power at all, bc that testosterome makes them insane. This is why we are still bombing civilians, without question: Men in control.

  10. One more thing, Philip,
    I have a black belt in karate. I have knocked several men out, when attacked, and have no problem whatsoever with shooting a man dead, who wants to do serious bodily harm to me, or murder me, or threaten my children or even my dog, or the cat on the porch.
    Don't tell me that women are weak. If we are smaller, we can pick up a chair and knock you out with it. You say you never met a strong woman? This is because you are afraid of them and avoid them bc they will kick your arshe.
    You only like attractive women? Well, good for you that women have mercy on men, bc most of them are not that attractive.

    I would presume that is the case with you, as well.

  11. To anonymous,

    You absolutely could not lady. I guarantee it. Furthermore, your nonsensical comments are typical and in no way original.

    Your lack of courage is displayed in your failure to identify yourself.

    And by the way, nobody gives a man power. Hhe either has it or he doesn't.

  12. To the female creature bent on lashing out I would asy this; learn.

    There is a mountain of evidence out there that old, rich MEN created the feminism movement in order to control the masses. As a member of those masses it might serve you to do some research. You say you're a lawyer. Good. I know you know how to do real research.

    Go do some before attacking anyone else. Leave the bitter hate speech for those who choose to remain ignorant of the forces at work.

    As for your belief that men are 'mucking it up', don't forget the saying that behind every great man there is a great woman ( It sounds like you're trying to offload your share of the blame for the current state of the world's affairs. You're a 'modern' and 'empowered' woman. Suck it up and take it... like a man.

  13. Your article is making me re-analyze my current situation. It is important that I put this out there that I am an African American/East Indian female in her late 20's. As I read your article I got depressed. I come from a broken home, which is typical in my comunity. However, the person I have a child with comes from a loving, nurturing family that has been married for years. They are a close knit family and stick by each other. His family actually lives by this model. And get this, this is a black family.My family is the exact opposite. I have had a child with this man and we have been together off and on for 10 years. I am tired. I emailed him previous articles of yours and told him that you see this model in your life past and present, but you can't give me this? Despite the fact the life my family gave me was a typical dysfunctional experience, I have graduated from college and have my own small business. I plan on opening another business. This man is jealous of me and tries to make me lose business when he is upset. He did not want me to graduate this year and he made me not enjoy my graduation by cursing me out that day for no reason. My point of informing you about this is that you can come from the home you just decribed and be a miserable person who envys a person who is doing much better than them. He still lives with his mother and when he did live with me in my house when I was a student and he was working, trying to stay home cook and nurture the family and get my degree at the time he got jealous and tried to ruin my life. He smokes weed, use ectasy and smoke cigarettes. I am the one from a broken home. I have not contacted him in 4 days and I am going to officially move on and find a man that can be all I need. My other point to you is that when a black women is successful, another black man feels that he can give her good sex, take and be home all day. Or if I find a black man I like that is successful he doesn't want me. I he wants a lighter black women or a white women. But when I find a black man who will be everything to me and makes more he is stingy and want to be equals, like go half and half. If I wanted to stay home and rear future children I can't do if for long, I have to go back to work. Another reason for staying home is when I am in or if I plan to go to college I have that privledge. When I date outside my race, the man has no problem with me staying home to nurture and perform household duties for the family. What do I do?

  14. "I have stood firm against it, but what good does it do?? I cannot fight this alone. And frankly, am getting tired of this pitched and endless war. I am not made for battle. I don't know what I'm made for at this point, and really don't care anymore."

    There are quite a few websites concerned with gender counter-revolution. You linked Henry Makow, above. Here's another:

  15. ": If we are smaller, we can pick up a chair and knock you out with it. You say you never met a strong woman? This is because you are afraid of them and avoid them bc they will kick your arshe."

    Willingness to resort to violence is not strength. It's desperation.

    I have known violent women, and violent men. I don't see anything dignified or morally admirable about the willingness to use violence.

    On the topic of violent women - I've seen many women in armed services, including police, who wanted to use violence. This does not make them good at their nominal duties of protecting the public - this just means that crazy violent women often get the government on their side. Lynndie England is a well-known example.

  16. I think most of the above comments miss the point... men need women and women need men to..... BALANCE each other, so there is nothing to compare. wo/men need to be side by side. it is not about who is stronger or weaker, it is about yin /yan. look at the the symbol of taichi - " the perfect balance of dualities, dancing within the tidy contained circle- living harmoniously while each still maintains intact identities. The small counter-colored dot in each hemisphere is a symbolic reference to the fact that a bit of one is found in the other..."

  17. What a backwards, sexist, bigoted, primitive, and cave dweller mentality. Boo hoo - you poor man.

  18. ISIAIH 3:11

    11 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  19. You can also go to "Anonymous" and type your name just before you comment. The sign in box can be a little quirky.


    Jean is absolutely right! What's worse is that unless our society begins to understand what she's right about and why, we will end up in small barred cages with cables falling our of our craniums just like in the Matrix. What I am going to explain is not exactly what she's said, but it is the basis for a working world.

    Nothing in this world is as important as feeling loved, accepted and emotionally secure. We all need that feeling. We used to get it when our mom smiled at us all red lipstick and curly waves and said, "You look so beautiful/handsome, honey." Our dads got it when they came home to a woman who was not tired from a day of being backstabbed who was glad to see them, a dinner that was ready and children who were happy, well-behaved and clean.

    We have lost the most important part of our lives--the nest. Instead, we have been sold the idea that women and men should both work and come home dog-tired without the energy to deal with their children. We have lost the pace of a world where taking care of our families and each other WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT contribution that any of us could make to the world around us. We lost it for homes that are too large, cars that we can't really drive as fast as they are designed to go and enormous bills from psychiatrists and psychologists who try to help us cope with unmanageable lives. We have children that we don't know, live in towns and neighborhoods filled with people who are strangers to us just so trust fund brats from multi-generational obscene wealth could tax both men and women (Aaron Russo's last interview--on YouTube).

    What we wanted was someone that we adored who loved us back and who saw how unique that we were. We wanted to be able to feel safe in the arms of that person when things were rough and to give them love when they needed their necks rubbed or their feet massaged. I personally wanted children, tons of children and a house with swings on the trees around it.

    There is one place that I would deviate from Jean. Some women are better suited to the rigors of the work world. Some men are better at household stuff and hanging out with the kids. What every couple needs is one person who likes to hard charge into the daily fray at the office, farm or whatever and one person that likes to nurture, take care of the home fires and provide a safe harbor. Two people who are both highly driven, highly aggressive and want to be in charge cannot and will not be successful in marriage. They will eventually seek other people to validate them and provide the acceptance and nurturance that everyone has to have.

    Whichever person tends the nest must be cherished and appreciated by their partner. They must be treated as the intelligent, kind human beings that they are. Both partners need to take care of each other and that means helping out, overlooking a few extra pounds now and then and saying thank you for the things that matter.

    Finally, everybody sleeping around has been an unmitigated disaster for all parties concerned. No one feels like they can trust members of the opposite sex and they have no idea how to court, find a good partner or what love looks like.

    We need to rebuild rapprochement between men and women. Simple civility would be a good place to start. I look at the people 20 years older than me and most of them are still married. They have pet names for each other and they do things like taking hankerchiefs out of their pockets to sop up tears or wipe up something. They hold hands. They look at each other a lot when they speak, walk or do anything together. They show patience and respect and they still laugh at each other's jokes.

    We should be so lucky.

  21. A female Androgynes dream lifestyle.

  22. To Philip,
    I have no idea what you are referring to, other than to project your own rambling BS onto this blog comment board.
    I detest pompous men like yourself.
    As for power given to men??
    Take a quick look at all these illegal wars which target unarmed civilians, and tell me, honestly, if this is not the weakest link of testostermone that causes this type of MANLY inhumanity?? Power is in the hands of the male dominated elite, and those elite men are more impotent and more puerile than even small men like you, Philip.

    As for your unfettered ability to blast your students in order to pontificate how men are so much stronger than women, and therefore, by presumption, better than women, let them all do war on each other, and leave the women and children out of it.

    Meanwhile, show me a man who doesn't think that the money he earns is his alone, and not his wife's or children's, and I'll show you an anomoly. How many don't even want to pay child support for their own blood??

    Men have turned into self centered whining babies, and Philip, you are a prime example.

    But, worst of all, they take it out on others with violence.

    They only understand an equal and opposite reaction. Only then, do men understand the bottom line.

    To the young lady with the loser man?
    Never date a man whom you would be ashamed to marry, and never marry a man who is worthless now, bc he will always be that.

    Cast not your pearls before swine.

    Women need to take over this country, and I don't mean pseudo women like Billary and Pelosi, I mean real red blooded AMERICAN women.

    American women with sense and compassion is what the USA needs.

  23. Taking into consideration the social brainwashing that we've all been subjected to from kinder-garden all the way through the university level, it's not surprising that most feminist minded women cannot reconcile the fact that most of their social attitudes towards men were inculcated into their subconscious minds as little girls. Consequently, now as adult females, unknowingly they've adopted these feminist attitudes towards the opposite sex as if by their own accord.

    No matter how much sense men make with respect to these manufactured male vs. female competitions, the fact that most women lack any comparative frame of reference prevents the consideration of any alternate perspectives. This serves to demonstrate the effectiveness of social brainwashing, to where the victim then functions based upon their manipulated beliefs, while rejecting anything that contradicts their programming.

    Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a mere quotation. ~

    Oscar Wilde 1889

    The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies, but would be ashamed to tell big lies.

    Hitler ~ Mein Kampf, 1925.

  24. There is so much truth in your article. In my opinion, a man and a woman are to complement, not to compete with each other. Unfortunately this concept is disappearing in our society, although not yet completely extinct. Lack of balance generates chaos. Ignorance creates confusion and lack of balance. Actually, ignorance is the mother of all problems in our world. This is my opinion only. Please keep up the good work. And yes, you may be alone trying to make a change, although I do not think so, and that change is still a possible thing to do. A simple rock in a river can determine its waters' path.

  25. So what? We go back to when women had no rights? Maybe the feminism movement is screwed up. Maybe the divorce right is skyrocketing. Maybe young men and women have sex without love. It doesn't mean Satan and the Illuminati are behind it.

    What about the fundamentalist Islam approach? Is that fucked up or what? What about the Amish or Menninite approach? Women in church, facing the rear, always wearing ugly-ass hairstyles.

    Like virtually everything else in our society today, things are fucked up. And yeah, maybe there are nefarious forces behind much of it. But that does not mean that women are not equal and should not be able to do what they want. They have just as much right to liberty as men do.

    Quite frankly, virtually all of the horrible things that have happened in our world were done by men, not women. Wars, genocide, murders, empires, etc. Yeah, maybe feminism is fucked up but jesus christ have the men ever fucked up the rest of the world.

    Think of this period as a work in progress. Chill out. There are countless things in society that are going to have to be fixed or discarded or upgraded in order to have the utopia we all dream of. Going backwards to discrimination of women and their subservience is not going to solve that.

    It is incredibly hypocritical of you all to say that this one particular thing, feminism, is the mind-control when you are speaking from a Christian point of view. Christianity is by far a much bigger mind control operation that has damaged millions upon millions of lives throughout history, wiping out civilizations and cultures galore. Not to mention retarding progress for half a millenia.

    Like I said: this is a work in progress. We all have to fix the sins of our fathers and mothers. So stop casting stones.

  26. Frank and StephanieJuly 15, 2009 at 8:22 AM


    Philip spoke for many of us. This is how awareness starts.

    While I'm about 8 years older than Philip, and was one of the lucky ones who married a working class Ohio girl who never accepted the siren call of the Sisterhood, he puts his finger firmly on the real cause of the malady: CIA, Rothschilds; yes, and let's never forget the death-grip these high-rent
    mobsters have on the culture apparatus. Movies, TV, and most of the net.

    It's the operation of the hive, and Philip's awareness of it, that's the most impressive.

    But hat's off to Philip and his fine words, which should get wide circulation and, if I can be a bit more optimistic, might with some
    encouragement be expanded to a larger work, say a book, the sort of book the Sisterhood pretends it writes about "injustice" and "truth". While in fact feminism has been the main source of truth-and-justice-suppression for two generations.

    A blow against the Rothschild-Feminist Dual Monarchy is in order! Philip has the talent and grit for the job, if he wants it, and he might be encouraged to know there are at least two customers waiting already.

    Enough: Congrats to both of you for a fine piece of work, him for writing it and you for sharing it with the world. Let Philip's words go out and do what only fine words can do.

    And by the way, that wretched anonymous `harpie` needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. Or maybe not?

    Our best regards,

    Frank and Stephanie

  27. Sophie From The UKJuly 15, 2009 at 8:32 AM

    Dear Jean,

    I have a lot to say here so I'll do it like Philip, in parts.

    Part One:

    I was so touched by Philip Jones letter. I felt in my heart the profound yearning in his words for a return to sanity and a simpler life where we are actually free to choose how to live our lives according to our core natures, where we are not manipulated at every turn according to the machinations of our political masters.

    Oddly, given that he is coming from a place that could have been called diametrically opposed to mine during much of my adult life, I find that I have total sympathy with him and his perspectives.

    Please allow me to expand a little on my life history so that you'll understand the massive leap that I've made only over the last few years. I'm female, a product of the same culture and education system as Philip and around his age.

    My parents, a product of the 'old school' didn't set much store by educating even very intelligent girls. They came from a class and era where upper-middle class women were home-makers, as you North Americans put it,
    giving their time and energy to creating and nurturing healthy children, making wholesome meals in beautiful relaxing safe and secure homes, sitting on local community and church committees, writing poetry, painting, making clothes and beautiful items for the home...

    Sounds utterly idyllic to me as a woman. It's how my grandmother lived
    whilst her husband forged ahead with his career. (Incidentally, he might
    have been alpha-male, top dog headmaster out there, but at home everyone
    knew who ruled the roost!)

    It's the sort of life my mother naturally expected to lead. Unfortunately,
    her marriage to my father in the 1950s came at a time when great changes
    were gaining ground. Women had been 'liberated' for a brief while during WW2
    and forced to do 'men's' work', consumerism gained its pernicious
    stranglehold and insisted that we all needed more and more income.

  28. Sophie From The UKJuly 15, 2009 at 8:34 AM

    Part Two:

    Through the 60s and 70s several generations of children were brought up with
    an increasing focus on consuming. More and more, the bite of political
    correctness was felt from over the Pond together with the rise of feminism.
    Old values and ways were lost, buried as 'repressive', 'old-fashioned',

    Against this backdrop, I married and had two babies. It was, looking back,
    the most satisfying time of my life. I loved playing with them, caring for
    them and teaching them and watching them grow strong and healthy in a snug
    and secure little home that I'd made. I would have had several more children
    if economic and other conditions had allowed. I would have been immensely
    happy to stay at home like my grandmother and do all the 'womanly' things:
    making jam and soup and pickles and baking and helping with homework, taking
    pride in seeing my fine young men and husband achieving out there in the
    world and making a lovely home for them to come back to.

    Sadly, my husband was also a product of this PC/feminist/consumerist culture
    also. He'd been educated NOT to be responsible, NOT to be a provider and a
    protector. The marriage ended and I was forced out into the job market. I
    equipped myself with higher degrees and worked enormously hard to support
    two sons and a house etc. on my own.

    Whilst at university I came into contact with all the contemporary 'leftist'
    philosophies: Marxist-driven Europeans and American closet Marxist thinkers
    and just could not succeed in academia in those days if you
    did not espouse and laud the politically correct, feminist, leftist stances.
    I was hooked.

    Hands up, I fell for it all, lock stock and barrel. I brought my sons up in
    the most 'equal' way I could, teaching them the new doctrines of 'valuing
    diversity' whilst respecting women as complete equals in the working world.

    I was very successful. I built and ran a lucrative consultancy practice that
    kowtowed to all this indoctrination, and constructed policy and strategy
    solutions to implement all this propaganda (there's a lot more I could write
    about all that but it's probably not wise for the sake of my health and
    continued survival. Please do not think I am making a joke about this). Like
    Philip, I watched as each institution I worked with mouthed platitudinous PC
    statements whilst continuing to carry on in the same old corrupt way behind
    the scenes according to what Dr Makow would probably call the hidden elitist

    Meanwhile, successive governments forced - under pain of criminal and civil
    penalties - every employer and education provider to discriminate in favour
    of 'minorities' - women, black people, gay people, people with purple
    hamsters, people from Planet Zog...

  29. Sophie From The UKJuly 15, 2009 at 8:35 AM

    Part Three:

    My kids paid a high price for their education - or lack of it - in the state
    system which toadied to these increasingly vocal minority groups. My sons, I
    believe entirely because of the unfair discrimination against them as young
    white males, have taken against all this out of control PC. Although they
    would not act on it, the PC system HAS actually MADE them racist because
    they have experienced at first hand the perverse and destructive iniquities
    of political correctness gone berserk. (Whereas I was brought up in an old
    fashioned English home and school system that taught the values of hard
    work, honesty, self respect, respect for others regardless of what planet
    they were from...I can't remember ever coming across racism or positive
    affirmation, people and children did just get on with each other...)

      .... After a couple of decades working hard, essentially doing
    two full time jobs, and bringing up kids on my own, I burnt out (actually I
    had a stroke). There was no treatment from the national health service
    (which is anyway staffed by many people who cannot speak English
    effectively). The doctors and staff, imported from God knows where to fill
    jobs left by highly qualified British people fleeing PC UK, and I just could
    not understand each other for a start.

    As I recovered, I had long pause to think deeply about the Massive Lies
    Philip and I and many millions of our generation have been sold. Feminism is
    a big wheeze, racism is really only in the minds of the policymakers (it's a
    cynical £multi-million industry as much as making cars or canned baked beans
    are), Political Correctness is profoundly divisive and spreads fear and
    anxiety amongst the populace and actually foments dissension.

    Let's face it, most human beings are individually thoughtful, fair and
    disposed to be kind - the ordinary British people have a long history and
    tradition of supporting the underdog. Left to our own devices, without all
    this Marxist governmental imposition of PC, most of us would have anyway
    been fair and well-disposed to people of other races and lifestyles.

    And as for feminism, one of the biggest cons of all, it's been a long hard
    journey to the recognition that its tenets were fundamentally flawed. (It's
    almost incredible to think that now I can actually write this. But I now
    firmly believe it to be true). This is NOT to say that there were no
    problems in society and the way in which it treated some people and women -
    there definitely were and still are problems in some swathes of the globe:
    we are not chattels! I believe that Islam in practice, for one, insists that
    this is exactly how women should be treated. (And we keep getting Islam
    thrust at us as an equally valuable, valid religion or lifestyle...?? What
    IS going on here?)

  30. Sophie From The UKJuly 15, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    Part Four:

    Feminism's extreme holy teachings have split my family, ensured that I've
    been worked into the ground in order to pay for my children's educations
    because the state system discriminated against them as white males and
    provided a very 'feminised' curriculum, to support the indoctrinated
    consumerism that runs rampant amongst all young people now, and to fund
    their pop culture expectations of life.

    My sons now complain about the Hollywood fantasies that most young women
    they date have about love and marriage. They say that young women expect a
    guy to be their lover, father, mother, Sir Galahad, the knight in shining
    armour, their counsellor, their banker, their Prince Charming, their
    supporter, their best friend, their Agony Uncle, to make everything
    right...whilst they mess around being 'equal': drunken, macho, promiscuous
    'ladettes' (Do you have this word in the US?) Men are just not designed this
    way, they can put up a good act for the sake of PC, but I know from my
    experience of bringing up boys the PC and Hollywood expectations of men now
    are so unrealistic.

    In fact, my sons have grown up to be MEN. I mean, real men...toughie,
    rugby-playing, beer-swilling, climb a mountain, kill a coyote barehanded,
    can't be doing with all that 'motional stuff - can't get me head round it,
    hunky chunky practical, let's get on with it, blokes... MEN. Despite - not
    because of or in reaction to - their upbringing with a feminist mother.
    Above feminism, thank heaven, I always prized the value of becoming oneself.
    For my sons, I always held open the space and encouraged them to be who they
    truly are - and so they have become men, confident in their maleness for the
    most part I believe.

    Of course they have their sensitive, very tender sides. Actually, they are
    more tender hearted than just about every woman I know...this is where the
    very deep instinctive urge to protect me, their mum, and their other
    womenfolk comes from. I understand that. But mainly they are
    unreconstructed, plain, honest to goodness, WYSIWYG MEN. I am proud of them.

  31. Sophie From The UKJuly 15, 2009 at 8:43 AM

    Part Four:

    I find it utterly fascinating as a once feminist mother to see that I have
    raised sons who are and cannot make themselves anything else but men of the
    ilk of, I believe, Philip and many others I imagine. Real men, who just want
    to be real men instead of craven shadows who are cowed by all this
    politically correct codswallop. Like Philip, but originating from entirely
    the opposite point of view, I have learnt that it is wrong, that so much of
    this paradoxically male-driven, Marxist-feminist and PC propaganda goes
    against male and female human nature. I too see how the ruling elites have
    divided and separated us and completely messed up our thinking and our

    You know, over the years, despite my indoctrinated pre-disposition towards
    women, it is actually men who have been most genuinely helpful and kind to
    me. It is women who have been most spiteful and undermining and callous in
    many practical and actually devastating ways - even the most 'sisterly'(the
    'She-masonry' they used to call it in my part of the world).

    Now, rather like Philip, I can say in all honesty that "Feminism has been a
    blight on my life. It has obstructed, even prevented me from realizing my
    absolute potential as a woman and creature of nature. It has corrupted every
    relationship, perverted how others have perceived me, how I have perceived
    others, and engendered a rotten and reluctant misanthropy within my breast
    for that deranged part of our breed which kneels at the altar of the
    feminist lie."

    Right now, I would love nothing more than to offer love to and home make for
    an intelligent real man who loves and cherishes me, protects me and values
    me for all that I am. Tragically though, the vast majority of men in my
    age-group have been through the horrendous PC mill themselves...they no
    longer feel comfortable with themselves or their natural maleness, they have
    been taught not to express it or to offer what Philip is courageously and
    gloriously unpolitically-correctly talking about.

    I may also be at risk of rambling on here. I just wanted to say that I
    understand just where Philip is coming from. He's touched on some crucial
    and profound truths and courageously so. He's not alone.

    Yours very sincerely


  32. This is very true. The integrity of the family unit has been under attack for at least 50 years. It appears to be a social preparation for society to be compliant with a move to globalist government and the socialist 'Nanny State' where the 'government' takes responsibility (and control) over all facets of life. It is not just in the family relations that social engineering is focused, but on all institution of society. It is an organized plan that can be observed in plain sight, but only to those people who can transcend the popular (pop culture) level of thinking to truly stop and intelligently analyze and deduce what is really going on. Some of the reactionary comments on this blog post reflect that socially-engineered level of thinking, which could be more accurately deemed repeating what they have been fed by mass media and other socially controlled sources. Hopefully, people will begin to take more responsibility for their lives and stop being mind-controlled drones in a Brave New World.

  33. A woman by the name of C. Gasquoine Hartley wrote a book, "The Truth About Woman" published in 1913, a time of ferment around the vote for woman. I'm inclined to to say, there's more wisdom in it about "love, feminism and romance" than all of what was said and written for the rest of that century put together.
    Here's a few of her thoughts I give most credit to; read together they should blow the minds of those polarized one way or the other on the issue. They show the mark of someone thinking for themselves, on behalf of others.

    "For a long time I wandered in the wrong path. My desire was to find proofs that would enable me to ignore all those facts of woman's organic constitution which makes her unlike man...I desired freedom for women to enable them to live the same lives that men live and to do the same work that men do. I did not freedom can be of service to woman unless it is a freedom to follow her own nature."

    "The female was the start of life, and woman is the main stream of it's force. Man is her agent, her helper...She is treading, blindly the steps laid down for her by Nature...a path not made by man, one that goes back to the beginning of life."

    "It is because we are the mothers of men that we claim to be free. We claim this as our right. We claim it for the sake of men, for our lovers, our husbands, and our sons; we claim it even more for the sake of the life of the race that is to come."

    That book can be downloaded for free on I recommend it for anyone seeking
    clear thinking on this emotional issue. We've all been indoctrinated and mislead for so long now, only the oldest loaves in the pantry still retain a kernel of what is truly fresh. doesn't require being Christian or conservative to know that there is something weird with the way gender relations have been manipulated. Just common sense to smell a rat, not "Illuminati" or reptilians. It might be a good time to put what we can agree on ahead of what we disagree about.

  34. I just watched a video on the Bohemian Grove. The participants do not allow women in. Nixon had a colorful commentary on that place. The men have rituals and homosexual sex, and then set policy for the world. PM's from Germany, GB, including Prince Charles were there.
    They do not allow women in.
    I was thinking about that frat house at Yale called Skull and Bones. They don't let women in there.

    While you are pining for a non-existent past, do not forget that men are running this sad show. They do not let women in. Not even Hillary.

    You can bring up the Illuminati, and blame them. They promote hedonism and rampant sex. But, to blame the women's movement for this situation is to ONCE again, Blame the victim.

    Woman is still the Niggah of the world.
    She still earns 60 cents to the dollar that men make. She still does the bulk of the housework, and works outside of the house.

    Men don't try to please women. Men demand that women please men.

    That is the problem. It's ancient Rome, all over again. Do what you will. That is the Frankist view, and that is now the majority view. But, to blame this on women's liberation is a sham. It pits us all against each other, when it is not us, that is the problem. If everyone had jobs, and their personal wealth and savings, as it was, everyone could spend more time with their personal relationships. As it is now, everyone is chasing the mortgage, but women are at a disadvantage, bc they do not earn much more than half of what men make, to pay the same overhead.

    Those women who prefer to have men support them??> Somehow, it's not fair to have some women so dependent. Those dependent women are the one's who are ruining things for those who can stand on their own.

    But, meanwhile, the men are running this show. The men have set up their little dog and pony show in Iraq, Afghanistan, the world economies, Palestine, Africa, EU, GB, Russia, Georgia, Venezulia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and soon to come, Iran.

  35. Ha ha oh wow...

    Where to start on this one? This reminds me of a joke quote... "Men go to battle, women go to kitchen!"

    As a female myself I can't help but be partially offended since you insinuate that I'm nurturing and nonviolent.. which just isn't true.

    But before you go calling me an evil tradition hating dyke, hear me out here. I hate feminism too. I'm married, to a man, and have no interest in women sexually. However, I don't long or yearn for the companionship of a mate to make me whole or anything like that. Likewise, he doesn't require me to supposedly stop some imagined violent man urges.

    What you're doing here is steriotyping people. It's kind of insulting, and silly. There will always be women who want to be efiminate and nurturing, and there are men out there (who aren't gay) who also care more about their appearances and child rearing.

    Throwing all men or all women into either a group of house servants or hardened warriors who lift things and eat meat.. it's so limiting for the human race.

    So some advice... If you want a woman like that, they're out there. Go find them. If you don't want a rabid lesbian fem nazi, don't ask her out. She probably won't like you either anyway.

    There's your 'equality'. Let everyone equally choose what they want. If I want a handsome man who cares about his appearance and he wants a woman who could hold her own in a fight, let us be. If you want a dainty delicate flower to birth you many strong sons and waif beautiful daughters, then have at.

    Trying to force ones version of 'equality' on the world isn't quite so equal...

  36. Lesson 1: the illuminati as such and by that name no longer existcall them mystery degree freemasons if you want to be accurate.

    Lesson 2: Aria is correct. your worldview and theology is incorrect and/or corrupted, most likely by the big black book of yhvh you have on your desk.

    Lesson 3: yhvh is not god, Scripture states God Is Love, (See Corinthians for a description of Love, and pay attention to the part where it says Love is not Jealous, compare with "first commandment" of yhvh.) Definitive proof that Christ and yhvh are not the same and that yhvh is not god, see isiah 45:7 on. to quote in part "I make evil" How can a Creature of Love make evil which is not of love in the first place? case closed.

    Lesson 4: yhvh and moloch are very likely the same being according to my own research which you yourself can followup but likely won't because of the demon of rigidity and fundementalism that has indwelled you. I long since exorcise such a demon from myself not too long ago...and in the name of Yeshua Christ, it did indeed leave.

    Lesson 5: Women who are tough (but not homosexual) and Men who are Sensitive (such as myself, also not homosexual) Exist in stark contrast to your flawed theology, Re-assess the Scriptures and take Note that it is written "All are One in Christ" you surely can look up the rest I'm certain.

    James T. of the Northwest

  37. A reply to the commenters, though they may never read it.

    Philip Jones, I agree with you -almost- completely. The women who act as you have described are shameful, obnoxious, and pardon the language, bitches.
    Feminism, like any 'ism,' is unfair to all it excludes, yet it flies a banner of progress and equality.
    "Affirmative action" is unjust anddespite being a female and a minority I refuse to take part in it.
    The only part I would disagree with is that every woman has a dainty beautiful nature. Most do, and I can see it in their constant preening, shopping, and social games with one another, but not everyone is like that - I know I'm not. Perhaps if I'd been born pretty it would be a different story? Who can say?
    Regardless, your story touched me and I relate to it very much as far as a hatered of feminism, and I hope that one day good sir, you find your Guinevere and that the Rockefeller's and Rothschilds burn away within your lifetime.

    Anon Attourney woman... STFU and GTFO with your self righteous 'women are better' crap. Individual people are better than others at individual things. Your ramblings about why you think you're better than the original poster are just as childish as his 'men are better' ones. Get over yourself.

    To the anon after that that criticized Mr. Jones, you GTFO too. In fact anyone who uses any statement insinuating that either gender is superior without proper evidence to back it up should shut up.
    You may have a black belt and could probably knock out average joe guy (or girl) with a chair, but the point he was making was that a man in top form with equal training to a woman in top form still has the advantage more often than not due to size and structure. It's simple biology. That's why, as you mentioned, you can just shoot them if you have to ;)

    Mr Jones, once again I agree. And in your last statement to the anonymous black belter, it holds true for any person regardless of gender.

    To the anon replying to the lawyeress... HI-FIVE! Well said.

    To the black lady having problems with multiethnic dating, it's because ethnicities seem to clump together in places and hold a certain set of values as the norm. Find someone who loves you for who you are and not for your career choices; someone who doesn't buy into their ethnic groups idea of how a working woman should be treated.

  38. To the anon talking about violent men and women... yeah, well.. I like violence? Not the 'random beatings' kind, but sparring for sport. I do agree though, that if there are men and women who get on the force for the purpose of being violent, that doesn't help anyone.

    The anon talking about balance is spot on. A pair should balance each other - be it a strong man and a tender woman, or a strong woman and a man who knows how to cook ;)

    And.. wow.. the IMPORTANT LISTEN UP guy... ignoring the crazy Matrix babble at the start, and the steriotypical bit about a mother in lipstick and curls, you're right. Especially this part:
    "I look at the people 20 years older than me and most of them are still married. They have pet names for each other and they do things like taking hankerchiefs out of their pockets to sop up tears or wipe up something. They hold hands. They look at each other a lot when they speak, walk or do anything together. They show patience and respect and they still laugh at each other's jokes.
    We should be so lucky."
    I long for a time when Love can be Love for most people again and not just a temporary arrangement for sex and occasional compantionship.

    To the 'real american women' anon... sigh. facepalm. moving on...

    raisismith gets bonus points for quoting Oscar Wilde. Agreed.

    Mark, do you have any idea how sweet a setup women had before feminism made us ladies in the workplace common? In exchange for making meals and tidying up, and looking your best, you wouldn't have to deal with the daily grind. I -wish- my hsuband would ask me to be a housewife. No more 9 to 5 for me!

    Frank and Steph, right on.

    Sophie, if by ladettes you mean girly yet not gay men, we use the term metrosexual. As for your story it was as moving as Phillips... perhaps since you're both in europe he could be your knight in shining armor? =)

    Bonus points to Dave for knowing what's going on.

    BSuave also gets points for mentioning reptilians and making me giggle, but on the rest of your post, agreed.

    And to the anon above my first post, where some of that may be true, it's not because of men being the big baddies. Just because Skull and Bones doesn't have any women in it doesn't make all men bad by default. ...and besides, I wouldn't let Hillary in my secret rich politican wank club either =p

    Mcbeth... you spelled "YHWH" wrong ;p

  39. To Aria, Steph and that other guy, and the rest of you who insist on insulting those you do not agree with:

    such arrogance is only seen in Israel.
    Some of you are so nasty that it's no wonder that you can't get a date.
    Esp that Aria person, whomever it is. All I can say to you all is, you got a big mouth on a board, but I doubt you could back it up in person.

  40. It's weird how many women are all for this male chauvinism. I think some women are lazy and like staying home watching tv. Women are too dependent. Sad, really.

    But, there's a sucker born every minute.

  41. It might be werid to see women sticking up for this stuff, but in Arab countries, the women stick up for burkas, and female circumcism, as well. I guess people will do anything to be taken care of. That must be the payoff.

  42. Hi speaking as a male in my 50s........
    This whole sick disfunctional society produces sick, disfunctional people.The PTBs work 24/7 to ensure it stays that way! We have to get back to a productive natural/rural lifestyle, and out of the urban CONsumerist rat-race. To the man who said our whole reality has been orchestrated,from cradle to grave, kudos! I agree a lot with what Philip said, also. About 85% of all women have been sexually abused before the age of 18. Abused by males. Is it any wonder there is an under-lying hatred towards men? This attitude is easy to see, esp. by some of the negative comments by Anon/Attorney. The fact she picked a "career" of lying, and stealing for a living doesn't surprise me in the least! LOL The root meaning of the word attorney is "to turn, or twist," She's a real BARACUDA!!! Also, DYKE Hillary, is higher up the Illuminati bloodline ladder than Bubba. She tells him what to do. They are both "EQUALLY" satanic degenerates tho. Also the Marxist/Lesbian agenda is a Jewish thang! Do the research. Gloria Steinem, and many other Jews were movers and shakers in this twisted agenda. The Jewish American Princesses of the world got their reps for a reason! LOL I loved Sophie's comments! She knows the score, and is a STRONG woman who would not intimidate me..She knows first hand how women are now experiencing the stress-related negative side effects of being in the work force. Of course making it so both spouses have to work, also doubles income TAX revenues for the EVIL ones! The homosexual/lesbian agenda's whole purpose is to destroy families, and the wholesome values they "used to" represent. Too bad so many can't see that! Nick.

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  44. Philip Jones' writeup shows how badly society has fragmented over the male/female issues. The truth is that there are actually still many women in the world who simply want to be loved and cared for, and who have no interest whatsoever in all this feminist crap. The problem is that these women are hidden away in the shadows, like gems in a mine; you have to search to find them. The same can also be said for men; there are a lot of men who also just want to be loved and maybe have a family life with a nice girl, and just be happy. This isnt about rose-tinted spectacles; they are out there, again like gems in a mine, you have to search hard to find them.
    I am so glad I am not a young 20-something girl seeking a caring partner in this current feminist world. If I were, I believe I would have an awful hard job finding the right man; I would be treated like dirt and probably suffer a lot of misery before finding him. Men and women now seem to hate each other and there is no need for it, the traditional roles were always the ones that worked best. I have no interest in feminism or competing with men. the sooner we can all get back towards the more effective and efficient roles, the better.

  45. To Nick,
    I'm the attorney, and guess what?
    I do not lie, cheat or swindle. Further, what have you accomplished with your useless life?
    How dare you insult me that way?
    This is more male bullying, I see.
    However, your insulting me only makes my point, bc insults are not an answer.
    You lose point for that.

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  49. Hi Aria A! I just re-read your comments, and I am in total agreement. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses, and instead of focusing on gender, we need to focus on their "nature". Nature made men physically stronger. That is just a fact of life. Women who feel the need to compete with that, are very emotionally imbalanced . Have you seen the women "body builders", who spend every waking minute transforming themselves into walking FREAK-SHOWS?!? The men aren't much better. What drives people to do this???? What are they missing?
    It's amazing how few people will touch the subject of sexual abuse! I have to larf when I post comments on it, and I get ZERO response!!!! LOL This really shows me how accurate my assessment is. BTW, I have been sexually abused, like EVERYONE reading this!
    I find it plausible that most "healthy" men and women are attracted to the "opposite" sex! like women who are feminine, and women like men who are masculine! Dare I say this in the PC World ????? LOL This is natural,imo. Our sicko society has WARPED this simple rule, and our children are being indoctrinated now to accept HOMOSEXUALITY,and even PEDOPHILIA as a "normal" lifestyle.
    God's/Mother Nature's way works, and Man's way is DISFUNCTIONAL! This is a simple rule I follow for diet, and other means of living. Does this make any sense? (=

  50. To the anon that insists I can't get a date, re-read my posts. I'm married, and happily so.

    I live in Everett WA and if you want me to kick your ass, sure. Post your name coward-nonymous and if you care to come to blows with me, sure.

    Also where did I insult those I didn't agree with? I'm the one who was telling people to stop that. lurn2read.

    To the anon after that, it's not always chauvanism for a guy to want to be strong, nor is it feminism if a girl wants to be dainty. -ism's are just a group thinking it's better than anyone else, and that is pointless.

    To the anon mentioning Arab culture, if I'm not mistaken they defend it because they are taught that not doing so incurs the wrath of their god.

    LMAO at Nick's copypasta. you win some internets =3

    The anon after Nick, I agree 100% - I'm a 20-something and I lucked out finding my perfect man.

    To nicks repsonse to me, er.. You kinda went off on a tangent there. It's not that I feel the -need- to compete with -males- specifically. I like competition, but my fellow women just aren't much sport. Because of the way society bends people, most girls focus on make up, clothes, internal politics... none of these things interest me so I don't wish to compete with them, or even really talk to them if I can avoid it. If any competition goes on with males, it's friendly and fun for all involved.
    I have to agree that people who do nothing but work out until they're ultra-ripped are kinda freaky. Being toned and in good shape should be fine for anyone.
    The sexual abuse thing (which is kinda out of left field since we were talking about fitness...weren't we?) doesn't work for me though. I've never been raped, bad-touched, or anything of that nature.
    I also agree that our society is pretty fucked up... but I don't get what it has to do with your diet.