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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

THE OLYMPICS: False Flag End Run or Over Hype?

By Jean Bush

By Jean Bush

With all of the hullabaloo over the 2012 Olympics, it naturally brings up the swirling rumors of a possible false flag attempt at the games. What could this be? A massive terrorist slaughter of London that would drive the final nail in the coffin of our freedoms? Maybe, but the most talked about scenario is a faked alien invasion vis a vis Project Blue Beam.

Kurt Nimmo of Infowars, has an excellent article on this possible “invasion.”

The year 2012 has been the long awaited date for the end of the world so beloved of conspiracy theorists and fear mongers alike. Many of us know that the Illuminati/Elites pay special attention to occult dates, believing that staging false flags and destruction at certain times gives them more power and curries special favor with their Supreme Boss, Lucifer.

The 1984 Olympics closing ceremony presented a mock UFO landing, complete with talking alien.

At any rate, we won’t know the truth until it happens. The Elites are very much aware of what we are thinking and may simply do nothing, just to throw us off. We will be watching the ceremonies carefully for their symbolism and misdirection, perhaps in preparation for their next attack somewhere down the road.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

ITK7 & Esoteric Kitten False Shill Accusation‏

The following alert email was sent out by InTheKnow7, linked on this blog, in response to RR's vicious accusations against him and Estoeric Kitten, his partner. I have published this with their kind permission.


Sadly, RR (former frequent commenter) has decided to renew his attacks against us… his latest diatribe is petty, vindictive, laced w/juvenile taunts and wrapped class envious prose...truly beneath the man. Reaching from his nether regions, he accuses us (Esoteric Kitten) of being “shills”...earning the top position on his list, which includes Vigilant Citizen, MK Culture (no longer posting) & Godlike Productions.

Amidst this silliness he states his belief that we may be the same person! This transparent to “draw us out” and satisfy his fishing expedition will prove unsuccessful. This individual was fed phony Intel (by me) via email in order to determine trustworthiness — he failed miserably, which partly led to decision to sever communication. Yes, we retained his comments, which we did and still consider useful…==============================================Excerpt from @RR’s blog
May 6, 2012: Shillcraft: Fake Name & No Name Moderators: (when I clicked on this link, it was gone: is no longer available .The authors have deleted this blog. Jean) “Here’s a few fake name/no name Moderators that parrot each other a lot, imitating each other overall, and lie to people about WHO they really are when asked:This “team” first: EsotericKitten & Intheknow7: allegedly partners on blogs, Facebook, and YouTube who say they’re “exposing” the Global Management Team/GMT and the Entertainment Industry’s “Monarch” mind-control Programming…who apparently come from wealth backgrounds likely spoiled little monsters as children with Military backgrounds and are White Collar yuppie preppy types real arrogant like Billion Dollar Babies…"

Is this the part where we become panic stricken, use an inordinate amount of spacereleasing details of our private lives in attempts to allay his fears regarding our identities? Sure, we’ll get right on that…RR operates from the false assumption that anyone who doesn’t come from an impoverished background cannot legitimately contribute to the dialogue and God forbid if they've had any ties to military or a fraternal order(s).

The overwhelming majority of Intel in the so-called “alternative media” culture is from those who’ve rubbed shoulders with elites and have some military background! Who better to provide Intel on some inner workings of GMT than those who’ve actually been exposed to their antics? Curious that a self confessed Aleister Crowley devotee and member of O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) would think ill of a Mason’s son! Your moderator has NEVER been “made a Mason” or been “inducted”or “pledged any oath” to any fraternity, orders or organization; other than Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts, Cadets and U.S. Army. Notice he does not, because he cannot, state who we’re shilling for, or who our benefactors might be, for none exist! The silly notion that he could file a counter suit for documents that have not been filed (“cease and desist”) proves how contorted his logic is…it was merely a pointed request.

We (Esoteric Kitten) will not be bullied or coerced by any group(s) or person(s) into revealing our identities; nor is it necessary for our endeavors on our respective sites. We’re extremely grateful for the outpouring of support regularly received from readers who credit us with helping them awaken to some tragic realities in our world. In spite of RR’s personal issues w/ us (Esoteric Kitten) I still consider his site (s) very useful, and have not made any attempts to dissuade readers from visiting. I will not speculate as to the motivation of his baseless attacks and false accusations, other than to say he seems intent on drawing us (Esoteric Kitten) deeper in the rabbit hole of his delusional mindset — Perhaps he’s a P.T. Barnum devotee…”If you want to draw a crowd, start a fight”…. We trustreaders will do, what they always have…make of things what they will We feel confident our work speaks for itself... “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi(*Above posted on ITK7 Journal 2012/3Q & Moderator page)==============================================Housekeeping Issues: link to 4shared PIC Archive ITK7GMT no longer valid; new a/c coming soon, all links will be replaced :)Thanks To All for Your Support, Be Well & Stay Vigilant

I believe we are all finished here. It is time to move on and continue our work. I am grateful to ITK7 for his support, thorough research and excellent website.

Jean Bush