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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorcha Faal: Light Bringer or Faallen Angel? Part 3

By Arthur Topham

Back to the life of Brian

When Brian, in his reply, stated that a fascist is “one who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views, as opposed to a communist who espouses left-wing views” can this possibly be meant to exclude the likes of Lenin and Stalin and their Jewish taskmasters merely because they were “left-wing”?

Is the “left-wing” of an American F-16 fighter plane carrying cluster bombs and missiles any less responsible for the carnage than the right? Are we to believe that these dictators over the proletariat, who signed death warrants for millions of innocent individuals, didn’t hold “extreme right-wing views” because they were “left-wing” Communists and not the dreaded Western Capitalists? If that is the intent of Sorcha’s statements then this can only be construed as sophistry, written for some, as yet, unknown reason.

Furthermore, if, as Brian went on to state, “Fascism is likewise defined as a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism” and this definition doesn’t also fit the Stalinist/Zionist-controlled dictatorship of the former U.S.S.R. then I’m a monkey’s uncle and the Solovesky Islands were always just a quiet, northern hermitage for contemplative Christian monks and never the nascent beginnings of a concatenation of slaughter that make even the devastations of the Judaic Deuteronomy appear faint-hearted by comparison.

Had Brian somewhere introduced the corporate factor into his equation it might possibly have held some water but the description he applies to the Nazis, surely and more aptly, fits Stalin’s Zionist Jewish-run, totalitarian regime to a tee.

And so it seems that Sorcha Faal is trying to ignore the Jewish/Zionist factor that would have her come to terms with her own country’s dark past, choosing instead to deflect the events of today’s Zionists onto Nazi Germany and the unwary West.

Enter the bicephalous monster

Another link that appears to be missing in Sorcha’s chain of reasoning is the fact that when the Judaic-led Bolsheviks were storming the winter palace of Nicholas II in November of 1917 the self-same clique of Jewish Zionists in the West, then led by the formidable Dr. Chaim Weizmann, head of the World Zionist Organization, was working overtime to ensure that Mr. Arthur Belfour, in conjunction with US President Wilson, would agree to the British declaration of “a national home” for the Jews in then-occupied British Palestine.

This was the same Arthur Belfour who, as Prime Minister of England, had already met with Dr. Weizmann in a London hotel back in 1904 to discuss the Palestine issue. That agreement, known to future generations as the Balfour Declaration, was signed and sealed by Balfour and ostensibly sent in a letter to Lord Rothschild in November of 1917 (although it was actually handed directly to Dr. Weizmann) during the same week that the Bolshevik takeover occurred in the East.

Now was that coincidence or conspiracy Sorcha?

Douglas Reed, the former British war correspondent for the London Times, in his remarkable study of Political Zionism, The Controversy of Zion, had the following precocious observations to make regarding these two apparently coincidental and momentous historic events and the hidden influences that had precipitated their simultaneous occurrence. Writing in 1955 Reed states, “The conclusion cannot be escaped: …From this period in 1916-1917 the decay of parliamentary and representative government can be traced, both in England and America. If secret men [Dr. Weizmann and his Zionist cohorts in the USA and Britain and elsewhere A.T.] could dictate major acts of American state policy and major operations of British armies, then clearly “election” and “responsible office” were terms devoid of meaning. Party distinctions began to fade in both countries, once this hidden, supreme authority was accepted by leading Western politicians, and the American and British electors began to be deprived of all true choice. Today this condition is general, and now is public. Leaders of all parties, before elections, make obeisance to Zionism, and the voter’s selection of president, prime minister or party makes no true difference.

“In November 1917 the American Republic thus became equally involved with Great Britain in Zionism, which has proved to be a destructive force…. In the very week of the Balfour Declaration the other group of Jews in Russia achieved their aim, the destruction of the Russian nation-state. The Western politicians thus bred a bicephalous monster, one head being the power of Zionism in the Western capitals, and the other the power of Communism advancing from captive Russia. Submission to Zionism weakened the power of the West to preserve itself against the world-revolution, for Zionism worked to keep Western governments submissive and to deflect their policies from national interests; indeed, at that instant the cry was first raised that opposition to the world-revolution, too, was “anti-semitism”. Governments hampered by secret capitulations in any one direction cannot act firmly in any other, and the timidity of London and Washington in their dealings with the world-revolution, during the four decades to follow, evidently derived from their initial submission to “the web of intrigue” spun across the Atlantic between 1914 and 1917 [by the Zionists A.T.]

“After 1917, therefore, the question which the remainder of the 20th Century had to answer was whether the West could yet find in itself the strength to break free, or pry its political leaders loose, from this double thrall.”[3]

Back to the present

From the onset of Sorcha’s article there is a very threatening and ominous message being given out to Western Jews. When she states that “the Jewish peoples of the Western World fail to see the rising hatred, like a giant destructive wave, ready to engulf them” she conveys a message couched in a foreboding tone of language. Is it merely that she fears for the blowback when increasing numbers of Westerners finally realize that they’ve been had by the Zionist forces? Or is it something more than just a passing pretense of concern?

Why, for example, state that the “ancestors and prophets” of the Jews of today have condemned them to remain isolated and disconnected forever from the world family and that they are never to experience peace on Earth but only to be “the stone upon which the entire power of this World will be crushed”?

What is such a Sphinx-like forecast supposed to mean? Are we expected, because of it, to assume that the “power of this World” is not therefore Jewish in origin but something else? And if so, then who, pray tell, is wielding all this economic and political influence over nation-states and controlling and disseminating all the destructive, hate-filled propaganda directed at the Nazis and the Arabs that’s carried into our homes and minds every day and night of the week?

Are we to suddenly shift our thinking elsewhere and give credence instead to the Icke reptiles or Makow’s Illuminati or the Freemasons or some of the other shady groups of secondary criminals like the Council on Foreign Relations or the Bilderbergers or the Committee of 300, or just a bad U.S. Administration, et al instead? We’re left to figure that one out on our own it seems.

Consideration given to all that’s been said about who were the initial progenitors of the concentration camps that acted as “slaughter pens” for the millions of Russians and Ukrainians, it makes Faal’s following statement, “…but for the want of true eyes to see they [the Jews A.T.] would begin their exodus from the Western Nations before their fate is taken out of their hands, to be put once more into those who control the concentration camps and slaughter pens being built for them even as these very words are being written” appear all the more incredulous. Just where is Sorcha suggesting that these millions of Jews, now mainly living in the West, flee to? Israel? Russia? England? Tibet? Timbuktu? Again she is silent in that regard as well as in identifying precisely who it is that is supposedly constructing these camps.

Down to the nitty gritty

After reading and rereading Faal’s article and closely examining paragraph after paragraph, nowhere could I find mention of exactly why these poor, maligned souls are forever ending up with the fecal-fouled end of the stick in their hands when it comes to public outcries by Gentiles against the treachery and underlying power of this mendacious, Zionist influence throughout Western civilization. Allow me to cite and comment upon the most blatant examples of what I mean.

Faal writes, “Listen to the cries of these Jewish peoples in the Western World today though: “We are bankers!” “We are diplomats!” “We are owners of industry!” “We are powerful!” “We are artists!” “We are politicians!” “We own newspapers!”

Now what sort of nonsense is this? The opposite is more the reality. Jews in the West have invariably used their vise-like control of the media and their financial clout and associated lobbying influence to hide these supposed “cries” of Sorcha’s from the eyes and ears of the general public. I, for one, have been trying for decades to bring the subject of Jewish power and control of the media to the public’s attention and consistently face vituperation and slander whenever I do so. Is Sorcha actually suggesting that the Zionist Jews react this way because they want people to know of their hidden power? As David Icke would say, “Not bloody likely mate!”

The Jews within the Zionist circle do their utmost to conceal their power from the people. That is the purpose of their organizations like the B’nai B’rith, the Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and the raison d’etre for their ubiquitous financial control over judiciaries within Western governments, so as to ensure that their “anti-Semitism” and “racism” and “hatred” and alleged “Jewish Holocaust” weapons remain sharp as razors and their purpose as impervious to the light of day as the proverbial Dark Holes of outer space. Just ask Canadian publisher and pacifist Ernst Zundel or British Historian David Irving or Germar Rudolf the Revisionist and others, all of whom are stagnating in Zionist-controlled German prison cells for even thinking contrary to the Zionist Jewish Doctrine, if this isn’t so.

Faal then goes on to bemoan the Western Jews’ apparently perilous predicament and projects puzzlement that somehow they don’t, as she says, “heed our warnings while the time remained for them to escape to freedom from total destruction.” Again, this begs the question, escape to where? To “freedom”? And where on God’s green acre is that place to be found in this day and age?!! Where, outside the ken of Zionist influence, would all these imperiled Jews flee to? Again, only silence.

Next comes a paragraph wherein Sorcha emphatically states, “It would be too simplistic to say that their thoughts are borne of arrogance, but much truer to say that their fate has been manipulated, and in such a way as to be able to show to the World that the only obstacle to World Peace that remains today, and as it has always been said, are the Jewish people.”

Here we enter a labyrinthine world of innuendo and double meaning. First Faal suggests that the Jews’ open “cries” to the world, telling of their power and influence and importance (something false to begin with) must not be misconstrued as simply “arrogance” and that their “fate” is somehow being manipulated by an alien force or power in order to portray them as the one obstacle to world peace so that they ultimately become the prophesied scapegoat when the proverbial shyte hits the fan in the West.

Now what are we to make of that? Are we to again backtrack to square one and begin doubting whether or not the Jews have actually played any role at all in this massive deception? Are we to cast aside centuries of evidence to the contrary and begin anew with the novel idea that this cartel of International Financiers, composed initially of the Jewish Rothschild family and their inner cabal of conniving cohorts, are not to be associated in any way with the lives, the religion, the motivations and the tacit support given by many throughout the Jewish Diaspora globally to the actions of Israel and the present-day Zionist-controlled Western governments? Presumably that is what Sorcha is suggesting.

Then comes more confusion in the following, “What will never be allowed for the Western people to know, however, is that the Jewish people are not now, nor have never been, a single people, but like every race and religion in the World is one driven with internal strife, political alliances and sectarian violence. Such division in fact is there that tens of thousands of Jewish people do not even acknowledge the State of Israel, thousands more in Israel itself continually denounce those less devout then they believe themselves to be – but to these truths the Western World does not want to know, indeed does not care to know.”

In one breath Sorcha tells us that people in the West will “never be allowed” to know that there are Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern European origins who are genetically non-Semitic and make up the vast majority of Jews in the USA, Canada and Great Britain and Europe and that many of them don’t support the Zionist policies of the Israeli State and in a second breath, without explaining who it is that won’t grant us this knowledge, she suddenly exclaims that the Western world doesn’t want or even care to know! Now that is a bit of knavish nonsense if I do say so. First you aren’t allowed to know something and then, because you aren’t privy to it, the assumption is made that you really didn’t want to know in the first place. As my Jewish Mother-in-law would likely have said, “Oy veh, such logic!”

Now we’re dazzled with another presumption contained in her judgment, “There must be no mistake in understanding that the actions of the United States, its Western Allies, and its traitors in Israel, have at their central core of action, and belief, the complete destruction of not only Israel, but also that of the Jewish people as a whole.”

This assertion requires further mental contortions in order to maneuver to some kind of an understanding. Who are the “traitors in Israel”? Are they the leaders of the democratically elected parties who run the Jewish state? Are these very same people who have worked for over a hundred years now to establish this “homeland” for the Jews and who have been slaughtering the Arab population and stealing their lands for just as long, if not longer, now to be seen in a new light? One in which their primary purpose is to destroy not only themselves but all the Jewish people? Again, all this slight of keyboard begs the question: What is Sorcha trying to say?

To complete this ponderous paragraph Faal says that the Western Power’s efforts to support and protect the Jewish peoples are combined somehow (again, never explained) with “constant reporting” of the Jew’s “economic power” and this phenomenon will very soon lead to their destruction. Again, wrapped in enigmatic language and based upon a false assumption Sorcha leaves her Western reader in a further state of puzzlement.

Now I can’t vouch for what the folks in Russia are smoking these days but my own experience in Canada and from all that I can glean from the many US and British websites and blogs where I get much input, the only place that people in the West can access this information concerning the Jew’s influence and economic power is on the net and in the miniscule number of texts still available in a small number of independent bookshops. Try asking in a mainstream media outlet about Jewish spheres of influence and you will be slammed hard with accusations of “anti-Semitic” and “racist” behaviour.

Sorcha seems to be saying that all this disingenuous behaviour on the part of these “fascist” Western governments is destined to end up in destruction of the Jews everywhere and that such policies will never lead to peace, yet for all that it appears to me that this is just more subterfuge on her part designed to introduce complexities of diametrically opposed factors into an equation fraught with irreconcilable faults from the beginning. Surely she should know that the truth about who is pulling the strings of governments around the world is the first requisite for dealing with the effects that these tyrants have had upon the planetary body politic. Had she said that revealing the agenda of the Zionists will ultimately lead to the destruction of their one world government plan then that would hold some meaning but it doesn’t appear to be in keeping with whatever the purpose of this article really is.

Next, in a burst of Ruskie rhetoric, Faal entangles the minds of her Western readers in another knot of confusing opposites by suggesting that our “satanic masters” (again, never named) have brainwashed us so much over the past couple of generations that this instilled hatred for the Jews has now even “carried over into Israel itself” and that we’re seeing these results in the treatment of the present-day Lebanese people.

It boggles my mind upon reading such an inane statement as this that a person of Sorcha’s apparent stature could somehow overlook the degree of violence and racism that has been the very lifeblood of the Zionist State of Israel for the past 58 years and instead of seeing the recent Lebanese War as but a further incremental, planned attack upon the Arab population by the Jewish Zionists, ascribe all that death, suffering, and destruction to the average American’s or Canadian’s brainwashed perspective on the Jews.

Another Sorcha revelation comes with her statement that thousands of U.N. soldiers are pouring into Lebanon, not as she says, “for the protection of Israel against Hezbollah, but rather to begin the protection of the Arab World against Israel”. In other words we are expected to believe that these forces, acting under the auspices of the United Nations, an organization created by the Zionists in the first place in order to disarm and replace the national armies of sovereign states and become the new army of the Zionist’s one world government, are now being sent to the Middle East to act “against” Israel! Now that, dear readers, is unabashed chutzpah of the first degree.

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