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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorcha Faal: Light Bringer or Faallen Angel? Part 2

By Arthur Topham

The Who’s Who of Russian Communism

For all their efforts to conceal this grand design behind the Zionist revolutionary coup history was kind enough to leave future investigators some rare but documented proof of who the instigators were. Fortunate for us all, in today’s trying times, was the fact that an Englishman by the name of Mr. Robert Wilton, who was living in Russia during the actual Revolution and working as a correspondent for the London Times, had the foresight to record in a book the following information regarding the official make up of the leading members of the Bolshevik party.

According to these documented records, “the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party, which wielded the supreme power, contained 3 Russians (including Lenin [There is now evidence that he too was of Jewish descent A.T.]) and 9 Jews. The next body in importance, the Central Committee of the Executive Commission (or secret police) comprised 42 Jews and 19 Russians, Letts, Georgians and others. The Council of People’s Commissars consisted of 17 Jews and five others. The Moscow Cheka (secret police) was formed of 23 Jews and 13 others. Among the names of 556 high officials of the Bolshevik state officially published in 1918-1919, were 458 Jews and 108 others. Among the central committees of small, supposedly “Socialist” or other non-Communist parties (during that early period the semblance of “opposition” was permitted, to beguile the masses, accustomed under the Czar to opposition parties) were 55 Jews and 6 others. All the names are given in the original documents reproduced by Mr. Wilton…. [1]

These startling ratios of Jews to Russians also brought to mind the Gulag Archipelago that Solzhenitsyn wrote about in such brutal grandeur and sensitivity to detail. Names began to drift upward before my mind’s eye like ghostly spectres – “Genrikh Yagoda: chief of Soviet Secret Police, mass murderer extraordinaire who also oversaw the destructive slave labour concentration camps. Leon Bronstein (Trotsky): supreme commander of the Soviet Red Army [who double-crossed and murdered his Anarchist allies in the army of Nestor Mahkno A.T.]. Grigory Apfelbaum (Zinoviev): executive, Soviet Secret Police. Solomon Lozovsky: deputy Soviet foreign minister. Maxim Wallach (Litvinov): Soviet foreign minister. Yuri Andropov: director, Soviet KGB, later supreme dictator of the Soviet Union.

“Jacob Sverdlov: first president of the Soviet Union. Sverdlov ordered the massacre of the Czar’s family–women and children–in the town named after Catherine the Great, Yekaterinburg, (renamed Sverdlovsk in 1924 in honor of the murderer).

“Jacob Yurovsky: commander, Soviet Secret Police. Yurovsky led the death squad which carried out Sverdlov’s order for the murder of the Czar’s family, including the bayoneting to death of the Czar’s daughters.

“Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich: chief mass murderer for Stalin, ordered the deaths of millions and the wholesale destruction of Christian monuments and churches, including the great Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

“Mikhail Kaganovich: deputy commissar of heavy industry, supervisor of slave labor, brother of Lazar. Rosa Kaganovich: Stalin’s mistress; sister of Lazar. Paulina Zhemchuzina: member of the Central Committee and wife of Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov. Olga Bronstein: officer, Soviet Cheka Secret Police, sister of Trotsky, wife of Kamenev.

“Matvei Berman and Naftaly Frenkel: founders, the Gulag death camp system.

“Lev Inzhir, commissar for Soviet death camp transit and administration. Boris Berman: executive officer of the Soviet Secret Police and brother of Matvei. K.V. Pauker: chief of operations, Soviet NKVD Secret Police [forerunner of the KGB. A.T.].

“Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk: commissars of death camps and slave labor, supervised the mass deaths of labourers during the construction of the White Sea–Baltic Canal.

“M.I. Gay: commander, Soviet Secret Police. Slutsky and Shpiegelglas: commanders, Soviet Secret Police. Isaac Babel: officer, Soviet Secret Police.

“Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin (Aleksandr Orlov): commander, Soviet Red Army; officer, Soviet Secret Police. Feldbin was chief of Soviet Security in the Spanish Civil War. He supervised the massacre of Catholic priests and peasants in Spain.

“Yona Yakir: general, Soviet Red Army, member of the Central Committee. Dimitri Shmidt: general, Soviet Red Army. Yakov (”Yankel”) Kreiser: general, Soviet Red Army. Miron Vovsi: general, Soviet Red Army.

“David Dragonsky: general, Soviet Red Army, Hero of the Soviet Union. Grigori Shtern: general, Soviet Red Army. Mikhail Chazkelevich: general, Soviet Red Army. Shimon Kirvoshein: general, Soviet Red Army. Arseni Raskin: deputy-commander, Soviet Red Army. Haim Fomin, commander of Brest-Litovsk, Soviet Red Army.

“Sergei Eisenstein: director of communist propaganda films which depicted Christian peasants (kulaks) as hideous, money-grabbing parasites. The kulaks were subsequently massacred. (Cf. for example Eisenstein’s Bezhin Meadow).

“Ilya Ehrenburg, Minister of Soviet Propaganda and disseminator of anti-German hate material dating from the 1930s. Ehrenburg instigated the Soviet Red Army rape and murder of German civilians. Referring to German women, Ehrenburg gloated to the advancing Red Army troops, “that blonde hag is in for a bad time.””[2]

The one common denominator linking together all this spectral list of Bolshevik characters (and please remember, dear reader of East and West, that this is but a short list) who dealt death and destruction and human misery to what may conservatively be stated as somewhere in the vicinity of 66,000,000 (yes, that’s million folks) human beings, mostly Christian, is that all these power-crazed, psychopathic, mass-murderers were Bolshevik Jews originally from Eastern European origins and having their roots buried deep in the Ashkenazi past.

And this is a reality that Sorchal Faal appears to conveniently overlook or forget when she goes on and on about how terrible and brutal those Nazi “evil monsters” were. One need only pause for a moment and consider the magnitude of misery that these Bolshevik Jews inflicted upon a nation of unwary Christian peasants and ill-informed bourgeoisie to realize that the so-called Communists (in truth Bolshevik/Zionist Jews) represented a much greater threat to world peace and security than what Nazi Germany ever did.

So in the spirit of cooperative exchange I might humbly suggest to writers such as Sorcha that they start employing some of the novel names listed above rather than always resorting to those worn-out appellations: Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, and Ribbentrop, et al whenever they’re searching out succulent similes to knit together their sweaters of self-righteous similitude.

A moment’s pause

(Lest readers begin assuming too much in my protestations regarding this issue allow me to pause a moment and state clearly that I am not of Germanic descent and thus hold no particular grudges based upon that fact. Like most Canadian boys born just after the war I grew up with my fair share of Cointelpro propaganda regarding the nasty Nazis and the slant-eyed “Japs” contained in the Jewish-owned publications that flooded the market with their “Sergeant Rock” and “GI Joe”, etc. war comics from the 1940s onward.)

Before Hitler had even assumed leadership of the German government (via free, democratic election) the Bolsheviks under Lenin and Stalin, for over 15 years by that point, had been perpetrating upon countless millions of Russian and Ukrainian peasants and bourgeoisie the most massive “Christian Holocaust” ever known to humankind.

The order, signed by Stalin’s bloodstained hand, that condemned somewhere between 7 to 15 million Ukrainians to premeditated murder by starvation and bullets, not to mention the millions more who had already died from starvation, freezing and exhaustive labour in the concentration/labour camps of the Communist gulag, therefore flies in the face of these accusations by Sorchal Faal of Nazi brutality and monstrous deeds beyond compare.

I have no doubts about whether cruel atrocities took place during the Nazi occupation of foreign nations during the war and that individuals performed despicable acts on par with those committed by the Bolsheviks but to hang the yoke of International guilt around the necks of only the Germans is the height of hypocrisy for every nation at war commits such acts at one time or another and in the case of the Soviets the magnitude and severity of these crimes against humanity far outweigh any similar acts by Germany. The fact too that it has been the consistent, relentless hammering of this theme into the minds of Westerners and Easterners by the Zionist-owned media ought to ring a bell within every open and inquisitive mind that understands this process of mind manipulation.

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