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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorcha Faal: Light Bringer or Faallen Angel? Part 4

By Arthur Topham

Further conundrums

Carrying the conundrum further she states that, “… in this final chapter of the Great Game, being played out upon the stage of the World, there remains only two options of peace; Either Israel is exterminated or over 1 Billion Muslims have to die - which do YOU think is going to be allowed? Which do you believe will further the interests of those intent upon creating a One World Government?”

Well Sorcha, (now that you’ve asked) first off you present the options in such a confining context that they don’t allow for any reasonable conclusion other than the one you are suggesting; one which is based upon an initial set of erroneous assumptions. Granted the State of Israel has shown by example over the past 60 years that it has no legitimate or moral right to expect the rest of the world to acknowledge and accept it as a bone fide member of the world’s nations but this doesn’t necessarily imply that it must be “exterminated”. Such phraseology reeks of Zionese mind control and “Nazi death camp” propaganda and only adds further doubt as to what your essay’s ultimate intention is. Should it become necessary to remove the Zionist Jews from Palestinian lands the Israel state could be peacefully dismantled just like the Berlin Wall was. Those Israelis who wished to remain in Palestine and live in real peace and harmony with the Arab people would likely be able to continue doing so and those with fervent, Zionist ambitions, imperialist in nature as any exhibited by the US government, could move unimpeded to the United States and Great Britain where they would surely be welcomed with open arms by the millions of Jewish and Christian Zionist brothers and sisters who have supported and encouraged them all along with US/British taxpayer money, monopoly media back up and endless military hardware. Now that is a third option which would avoid your sordid second choice and eliminate the need to murder an additional billion Arab people and in all likelihood save the American taxpayer billions of dollars.

I might also add that from all the signals in the heavens, (Cyberia, in this case) plus those upon solid ground, it appears to me that it is the Zionist Jews who are the actual one world government clique and their intention would obviously be to destroy the Arab goyim for that has always been their traditional modus operandi throughout history and one that also dovetails fully with the religious teachings of their Babylonian Talmud. If you’re unsure of this please reread Deuteronomy and Leviticus and Numbers for a refresher course in Judaic jurisprudence chauvinism and then juxtapose it with the teachings of Jesus Christ’s New Testament. Maybe then you’ll begin to see the reasons for Christ’s murder, its connection to the abominable slaughter of the Tsar and his whole family (including the family pet dog!) and the subsequent Soviet gulag and the ongoing slaughter in the Middle East and eventually even the supreme hoax of the 20th Century – the alleged “Jewish Holocaust” of 6 million. I say maybe Sorcha because I have a lingering and growing suspicion that you might already know this only too well.

Continuing along this confusing maze of dead-end pathways we now come to an assertion of Sorcha’s that one might compare to a Rubic’s Cube of mental imaginings when trying to discover its logic and purpose. Having established that those who are out to control the world (obviously not the Zionist Jews from all that Sorcha is saying) intend to “exterminate” all the stupid, unaware Jews (a contradiction in terms right there from all accounts) Faal then makes a quantum leap of logic and lands with both feet squarely upon the absolutely amazing realization that the “Western Powers”(?) have always had it as their agenda to set up the Arabs as the main component of their New World Order; one stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans!

Having thus attained the pinnacle in her exasperating efforts to drag her Western readers up the winding goat trail of her confusing logic to the mountain top of reasoned deduction (!) Faal is still not content, even then, to finally sit cross-legged in holy communion with her followers upon the solid rock of her sublime assessment of the world’s (and the Jew’s) existential dilemma. No, that would not be enough for this avatar of cryptography. It therefore is necessary, in order for her esoteric teachings be fully divulged to her sangha of sanguine acolytes, that she rise up even further, transcending the peak into mystical realms of fantasy and myth. She accomplishes this feat of further marvel by introducing the Western reader to those ancient, anti-diluvian “dragons of old who have almost regained their former strength, have rediscovered their old technologies, and are once again prepared to stand astride our Earth with all humanity once again their slaves as in the days of old.”

Aye, now there is the final rub; the grand finale to a thesis that begins with Tolstoy and ends with the tacit affirmation that it is the Tarot and the dragons of old who are to blame for our current global crisis and not the undeniable presence of the Zionist Jewish Financial elite and their Talmudic teachings which we witness being expressed through their omnipresent political machinations in both the East and the West.

And if that’s not enough for her Western readers to grog in one reading let us further console ourselves in the knowledge, based upon Faal’s primal certainty that these reptilian regents of old are lost souls divorced by rebellion from any spiritual connection with God, that “we” (who presumably recognize and understand all that we’ve been told by Sorcha) will be the ones eventually saved from eternal damnation and endless suffering. By whom she doesn’t say.

Sorcha’s concluding two paragraphs complete her efforts to convince her Western readers that it is not the Zionist Jewish Financial elite who are responsible for our sorrows but good old Lucifer himself (just like it wasn’t the Zionist Jews but the Nazis who wreaked the most havoc upon humanity) and that it will be Satan who will make “the Jewish peoples of the Western World” to “suffer first” although they may take some consolation in the fact that they won’t be the last (again a subtle reminder of Dr. Niemoeller’s famous quote referring to the Nazis). Following upon their attack will come a similar one on the rest of the Western goyim who have brought it all upon themselves by falsely accusing the Jews of complicity in all the tribulations that the world is presently experiencing.

What is so absurd about this grim prediction of an impending universal pogrom destined to overtake the Jews and the Gentiles of the West is the unabashed assertion that the Jews will “suffer first”. The assumption of course being that no one else has or is currently suffering in this Western world of sorrows except the downtrodden Jews who forever bear the burden of racist affliction imposed upon them by the ignorant, willful and envious Gentile races of goyim who are controlled by Satanic forces.

Faal’s fatalism, as expressed in her prophetic words, “as the Western peoples acceptance of the annihilation of Jewish peoples begin, they also will surely not be far behind in their own suffering and death” reveals a mind obsessed with some deep, subliminal fear of perishing at the hands of “Satanic forces” in the not too distant future. And for those of her Western readers who have taken to heart her Earth-shattering prognosis for both Jews and Gentiles (those, that is, who presumable survive the impending pogroms ahead) there will grow a “greater understanding” and a “hope” of a “greater triumph to come” once they have broken free of old Lucifer’s mighty minions who are about to take over the world.

Now what is interesting in this final fit of franticness is the simultaneous notion of Satan as portrayed in the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ. In Matthew, Jesus refers to the Pharisees (the precursors of the present-day Talmudic Zionist Jews) as a bunch of deceitful, hypocritical, self-righteous and iniquitous vipers and in Revelations asserts they are of the “synagogue of Satan”. This is therefore most curious given all what Faal has stated.

Conclusion and challenge

Having scouted the tangled terrain of Sorcha Faal’s article and made copious field notes I returned to camp to analyze my findings and observations.

Most perplexing of all was the fact that throughout the whole reconnaissance mission I had been unable to discover any direct references to the enemy at hand. Nowhere throughout Faal’s 1300 word forecast did I find a single instance where she equates the problems of today’s political and social upheavals to the Zionist Jewish Financial cartel and its innumerable, subordinate offspring appearing as the various children “of hell” that the Christian New Testament speaks of. That, of course, I found rather disconcerting. And it prompted the further question: Why?

In summary there are a number of points which require stating and address:

1. The Zionists have created over the past century a fortress of lies; a tower of deception that literally reaches to the skies in some of its more overt enterprises and one on par with the Biblical Tower of Babylon which, by today’s standards is all-encompassed in what I often refer to as the M3 or the Mainstream Mind-control Media.

2. The Zionist control of global politics, evident since the Rothschild era and the beginnings of the Central Banking system and the usurious practice brought on by Fractional Reserve banking has ensured that all the major players upon the world’s stage are in one way or another indentured to and influenced by their financial power.

For people to rant on about Capitalism versus Communism or Socialism or visa versa is therefore simplistic and fruitless and a diversionary tactic designed purposely by the cartel. Zionist control of trans-national corporations has produced a worldwide crisis wherein the Earth is under constant siege by these predatory entities disguised as “legal” “persons” to the point where all biological life forms are now in imminent danger of extinction. That factor, combined with the new initiatives of the imperialist nations and the military industrial complex which threaten to further pollute the planet with increasing levels of deadly toxic depleted uranium have placed the world in a clear and present danger of a real holocaust of global proportions and a genocide affecting humanity that is all-inclusive and ever-present.

3. Thus considered, had the Western democracies at the turn of the 20th Century not already been taken over by Zionist Jewish financial interests and had they realized the danger that Political Zionism posed to the world after the Revolution of 1917, they, and the world at large, would have been better off in the long-run to have collectively joined forces with Germany in the 1930s to defeat the Bolshevik Zionist Jewish empire before it had the opportunity to spread its negative influence throughout Europe, Asia and China.

4. Here in the West, those who have overcome, through willed determination and self-education, the fear and guilt instilled in them from years of mind-controlling propaganda fully realize that their nations are presently under the iron heel of the Zionist Jewish Financiers. They recognize that their major political parties, their corporations, their public and private media, their institutions, their culture itself including even some of their churches, are all in the hands of the Zionists. For those in the know therefore Zionist control is a fait accompli. It’s not something to fear as a possibility any longer for it is beyond that stage of growth. It is here now and it is working upon the “free” nations of the world to ensnare and destroy all that we cherish as our individual right as free and sovereign human beings and to control all of our daily lives through subterfuge, mind-control and relentless economic pressure.


But what about the East Sorcha? What of Russia since the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics crumbled into chaotic disarray? Are we to believe what you intimate throughout your article? Shall we blindly accept that that just because the Soviet Communist system collapsed the Zionist Jewish cartel who originally created it suddenly disappeared along with it? Poof! and they are gone?

I have a strong, abiding belief that the new Russia, like every other nation in the West, is still firmly controlled by the Zionist Jews. They have only shape-shifted into yet another external form; a new façade of the same regime but I’m convinced, based upon all the variants that we see globally, that they are still there lurking behind the new faces and the new puppets and the new champions of whatever ideological perspective they choose to project unto the West. And if this is not so Sorcha then you owe it to all your readers in both the West and the East to prove it and to explain exactly how you were able to rid your nation of this parasitic entity that has caused the world untold grief and misery for centuries.

This is my challenge to you, as one of your Western readers. If you in fact possess the Holy Grail of political and economic freedom and hold the keys to peace and political and economic security for the world’s haggard and oppressed billions, then I think it is incumbent upon you to share that wisdom and knowledge with the rest of the world.

In a more recent article still of yours I note that you refer to Westerners as “idiots” and Western Nations as “perverse”.

It is for these reasons and from all your comments I am forced to challenge you to prove to your Western and Eastern readership that Russia is not as firmly in the grip of the Zionist Jews as the rest of the West. Explain to us how your money is created and whether or not there are major Jewish banking institutions working throughout your nation. Tell us who owns or controls your famous Pravda (Truth) newspaper. Is it now out of the hands of the Zionist Jews who created it and used it to convince the West that Communism was the answer to the world’s economic and social problems? Yes, we know that your own people never believed the lies. I could say the same for the lies that the Western Zionist media tells us. Can you convince your Western readers that the Kremlin is no longer filled with the usual assortment of Dymshits who, like their Western counterparts, inevitably fall prey to the Zionist Jewish lobbyists? And what about your major television stations Sorcha? Who owns them and collects the advertising dollars? True-blue Slavic Russians? And your radio stations and your book and magazine publishers? Are they Russian to the core or are they too held in trust by the Zionist Jewish Financiers? We’re all ears over here in the West and we wait with baited breath for you to publish clear and concise answers to all the questions which I have posed to you.

Based upon all that I have read, both on and between the lines of your article, I find that your work reveals a very narrow choice of options and conclusions. Either you are ignorant of the ways of the world and the workings of the Zionist Jewish criminal syndicate that now runs it or else you are, in some capacity, working for them to dissuade, confuse and assist, like an agent provocateur, in the breakdown of our Western culture and institutions to the benefit of the Zionist agenda.

I truly hope that is not the case and leave it up to you to respond and persuade your Western readers otherwise.


© Arthur Topham & The Radical Press. In the interests of global peace, justice and security this article is given freely to all to copy and post as they see fit. Please credit the author.

Arthur Topham can be contacted at:


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