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Sunday, June 9, 2013


By Jean Bush

Another False Flag brought to you here courtesy of the Illuminati and their minions, the Main Stream Media.

On June 7, 2013, breaking news showing a lone shooter on a "bloody rampage" along the streets of Santa Monica near the Santa Monica College. 

Shooting at Santa Monica College

Panic spreads in Southern California as a gunman ravages the streets of Santa Monica leaving behind six dead and several injured in a shooting spree that extended along five miles.
santa-monica-college-shootingAt noon, the firefighters department responded to a call at eastern Santa Monica. When they arrived there, they found a house on fire with the bodies of at least two men inside. Outside, there was a woman who was shot in the arm. After that, the police received reports of a carjacking and shootings as the suspect moved west, headed to Santa Monica College. Along the way, the gunman shoot and killed four more people, injuring more as he opened fire on a city bus and on several vehicles, as he headed towards the community college campus. Once at Santa Monica College, he exchanged fire with the police, and wounded another woman who died later at the hospital, before being chased into the College’s library, where he was finally shot dead. The suspected murderer was wearing a bullet proof vest and carried a semi-automatic rifle. One of the eye witnesses declared that he was dressed as a member of the SWAT team.

Santa Monica College, as well as other schools in the area, has been put on lockdown after the incident, and as the victims are being treated at the hospital, the witnesses are giving their statements to the police department. Another man has been arrested and is being interrogated as a person of interest to the investigation, as the police doesn’t know if the gunman acted alone. It’s still not clear if this was a targeted shooting on the community college, or if it was a random event; what is certain is that Friday the 7th will be remembered by the people in California as a black day in history.

As you can see from the above article, shooter was not only chased, but killed inside the school library.   Here's a photo of the "shooter" entering the library:

Here's another:

Does he look like he's being chased to you????

Here is his dead body after being shot by police IN THE LIBRARY:

Now he's on the street wearing sneakers instead of high boots as described by several witnesses.   These appear to be the only photos available by the media showing the shooter, who supposedly went on a rampage along several streets.   With the proliferation of cell phone cameras that most people have, WHERE ARE THE OTHER PHOTOS TAKEN BY PEDESTRIANS AS HE RAN ALONG SHOOTING EVERYONE????   There are no ambulances anywhere.   Google the images of the shooting-none!  Just like Sandy Hook.

Here is a photo of students being ordered outside with their hands up, a prelude to the military rounding us up during Martial Law.

And it is coming.   These staged hoaxes are coming more and more frequently.  People, we are being primed!  Watch for the next one, stay alert, stay alive, stay free.

This video is the first one out showing us the hoax.


  1. I think you have an overactive imagination.Do you know all the facts to this incident? Do you have police report? All eyewitness reports? No you dont. You are just a fantasist.

  2. The Santa Monica patsy was not wearing combat boots that was seen by the witnesses so the staging crew removed his shoes and placed boots on the sidewalk. Watch "Absolute Proof Santa Monica Shooting was Staged."

  3. The woman was with her father the groundskeeper and was buying a "psychology" book, wouldn't you know. A little subliminal plant on the kind of book?

    Really, just like the Santa Barbara College shooting and Sandyhook. There are just too many persons online watching every little single detail, getting pictures on their cell phones, retired and active law enforcement analyzing these false flag events. It is a good thing. It is bad and egregious enough when a real shooting occurs, but it is beyond acceptance to fake horrific events for psychological manipulation and gun control.

    Now aside from a real shooter, we have to watch out for the guys who are faking them.