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Sunday, May 5, 2013

FBI Setting Up Boston Bombing "Suspects"

By Jean Bush

On April 18, 2013, the FBI release the first photos of the so-called suspects while ordering the public and other witnesses to forget about any other photos of anyone else in order not to waste the FBI's time!

BREAKING: FBI Releases Photos and Video of Two Suspects in Boston Bombing

They've asked the public for help identifying the two men.

The FBI has released a video showing two suspects in the Boston bombing. Special Agent Richard DesLauries, who is heading the investigation, asked the public with help in identifying the two men. “The photos and videos are posted for the public or media to use, review and publicize." he said. "For clarity these images should be the only ones, I emphasize the only ones, that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources."
Here is the video:

As most people have noticed, they have their suspects all set up and ready to go.    They have diverted attention from all the "men in black" with black backpacks, the Special Forces units scattered around the Marathon who are probably the ones who set the bombs.   
We all know this is another false flag readying us for Martial Law.

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