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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trains, Planes & bin Laden....Oh My!

By Jean Bush

CNN has just reported tonight that “notices” from
The cache included audio and video equipment, suggesting bin Laden may have taped makeshift messages there, a U.S. official said. Ten hard drives, five computers and more than 100 storage devices, such as disks and thumb drives, were also found, a senior U.S. official told CNN. Commandos also recovered five cell phones, paper documents and five guns, including AK-47s and pistols

that terror threats against the US rail system had been “mulled” by bin Laden and friends,

that al Qaeda was particularly interested in striking Washington, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, according to the official.
That notice says that, in February 2010, al Qaeda members discussed a plan to derail trains in the United States by placing obstructions on tracks over bridges and valleys.

The plan was to be executed later this year, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks. But no specific city or rail system was identified in the notice. (CNN 5/5/11)

All this from Monday night’s raid that have already been shipped to the Pentagon who downloaded over 100 discs and thumb drives from 5 computers, and have sorted, translated from Arabic and read through completely to come up with “potential” terror threats by al Qaeda, in only 3 days. This is the most amazing feat of intelligence gathering in the history of the world.

As the administration’s story of killing bin Laden continues to unravel amid the myriad lies and backtracking confusion as it tries to placate an increasingly wary public, now they have to instill, once again, the threat of terror attacks against us in order to corral everyone into compliant acceptance of the endless “war on terror.” With this continues the mindless and cowering acceptance of TSA grunts feeling up women, molesting small children and groping men’s genitals in order to let them fly from Kansas to Disneyland and back. It is my personal opinion that the groping TSA agents are unable to come into contact with any real balls as no one yet is standing up to this filthy invasion of our sovereign privacy in order to put a stop to it. If we all rose up as one resistant force we could eventually take back our dwindling freedoms.

Soon we will be asked for our “papers” as we board buses, trains and eventually, just going outside for a walk. How much researching, screaming and proving do we have to do in order to get people to WAKE THE FUCK UP??????

It seems that most people prefer their soft captivity as opposed to fighting, and perhaps dying, for their freedom.

And when they come for you, and they will, and they drag your lazy ass away, you will regret, far too late, that you’ve ignored the evidence that is even now, all around you.

God help us all.

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