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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Death Becomes Them

By Jean Bush

Today the Whitehouse has announced, with piteous regret, their decision not to release the death photos of Osama bin Laden. Obama said they feared a potential backlash that would result in attacks against Americans. WH Press Secretary Jay Carney said: “It’s fair to say it is a gruesome photograph.” ABC7 News.
How gruesome are dead bodies to these death dealers?? More grisly then this???

Or this??

Or this???

Yet we are not allowed to see the body of Public Enemy #1??? How do we even know these photos were taken inside bin Laden’s compound? They could have come from anywhere. Obama and Company will not prove that bin Laden is dead; they cannot. He’s been dead for over 8 years, at least, from kidney failure.


Buried in Sunday’s news casts, a reporter mentioned that the military had captured a 14 year old "suicide bomber trainee" who said he had trained with 350 others in some camp.

Sprinkled through the reports like pepper, was the mention of "retaliation" for this "act" from the Arab world and all US embassies and bases were on "high alert."

This is what will happen: after the "dust" from this settles, maybe at the end of this year, beginning of next, there will be a series of suicide bombings and perhaps some suitcase nukes, attacks all over the US. Some perhaps in the countries of our allies. They will declare Martial Law, lock us down and there will be no escape, ever. Dissidents will either be rounded up or shot. I will be one of them.

Did you notice how staged the first demonstrators cheering at the White House fence looked???

Mark my words, they setting us up.

Someone tell me I'm wrong.

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