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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Response To "Letter To Glenn Beck"

By Nila Sagadevan

I just read your brilliant letter to Glen Beck. Congratulations on a job superbly done. Copies of this letter need to be distributed widely -- especially to the talking-heads at every media outlet on the planet.

While the letter succinctly managed to cover much terrain, one sentence struck me as being particularly significant: “Don’t be fooled by this false right/left paradigm. Just look at the continuity between administrations – they all string together, accomplishing the exact same goal of a suprafascist state, but with different lexicons to keep up the illusion of freedom.”

I am a retired aeronautical engineer and pilot who awoke to 9/11 truth circa 2004 (I’m embarrassed it took that long). To the extent I can, I’ve been an active Truther since. Having spoken to groups in the US (and abroad) on 9/11, I’ve been screaming from the minarets this very point you make. It’s the first and most vital mental barrier we need to break down if we’re going to open minds to 9/11 truth. Given what I’ve gleaned from personal experience, driving home this point is more important than the tack most Truthers typically take: smothering the unwashed with technical data and the plethora of scientific inconsistencies , which we all now deem self-evident.

Devising creative ways through which we can expose the mass illusion of our ‘sacrosanct’ bi-partisan system holds more potential to get our foot in the door than does the common practice of unfurling scrolls of erudite data and overwhelming minds that haven’t been properly prepared to absorb such an unthinkable possibility.

In my experience I’ve found the illusory Rep/Dem polarity to be the fundamental obstacle to receiving (let alone assimilating) our message, and lies at the heart of the “our government will never lie to us” knee-jerk response. After all, regardless of which party might be the power du jour, in these people’s minds the incumbent was brought into being through their precious votes (forget the rampant rigging). And they have implicit faith in a system and in their elected ‘servants’ whose leadership, values, and integrity they unquestioningly trust.

Ergo, to question their government is, in no small sense, to question their judgment. [Remember the sea of joyful tears and effusive emotions the media poured into our living rooms when the people’s new ‘savior’, Obama, won his seat in the puppet box? I’d seen nothing like it in my sixty years. Could any one of us possibly have managed to cut through the thick, delirious euphoria of that evening with the truth that it’s all a charade? Well, I know I couldn’t — not even with my wife! She didn’t speak to me for days when I persisted in trying to prick her blissful little bubble.]

Here’s why I think this Rep/Dem smokescreen works so well. Since the attacks occurred under Dubya’s watch, the first wall of defense automatically triggered in the minds of Republicans at any suggestion of an ‘inside job’ is that they immediately see it as an insinuation that “Bush did it” (which, of course, is nonsense). Result: the gate slams shut. It’s happened with too many Republicans than I dare count.

The Dems are similarly resistant to 9/11 information, but for a different variant of this politically polarizing red herring: “Bush was such a buffoon he couldn’t possibly have pulled it off. Besides, his gang could never have kept the thing under wraps — ‘our’ people in the halls of power would have got wind of it and blown the whistle.”

Again, the mind flees, seeking solace anywhere but in truth, shaken by the very insanity of the suggestion. [My neighbor, a hardcore Dem, hasn’t spoken to me in years since we fell out rather bitterly over the ‘absurdity’ of my alternative 9/11 explanation. His argument: at the very least, his vigilant Democrat servants on the Hill would have sniffed it all out and spilt the beans. “There’s no way anyone could keep something this big under wraps.” In other words: Damn the science.]

Invariably, the single biggest obstacle I have found to people accepting an alternative to the OCT has been this bogus two-party political mindset that has been carefully (artfully) inculcated in most Americans virtually since birth. Their entire perceivable spectrum of ‘reality’ is comprised of two colors: red and blue. If it’s neither, it’s some shady fringe group that’s best ignored. And, of course, the final litmus test: if it isn’t reported in the MSM, it must be yet another ‘conspiracy theory’ -- I.e., the province of nutjobs. Such is the unshakeable faith in this grossly debauched Rep/Dem/MSM creature that controls our lives.

And it’s no shallow faith, this; it’s astonishingly deep-rooted. I have two close friends, congenital Republicans, both (sorry), who, purely through my relentless tenacity finally saw the light after watching a few DVDs at my home. They’re both very intelligent men; one’s an attorney, the other a cruise ship captain. So, mission accomplished, one would think? Hardly. Over time – and with full knowledge of the facts behind 9/11 -- they both reverted right back to lapping up Fox ‘news’ and listening to Limbaugh’s deranged outpourings for their daily dose of reality. Such is the subconscious allure to which legions of hopelessly brainwashed individuals across the country all too often succumb.

If your letter succeeds in fanning the flames at Fox that have already been lit by Rivera and Napolitano, I’d say we’ll be celebrating victory sooner than we think. The Sheeple awakening to the scientific facts and details of 9/11 is something that’ll ensue organically when, instead of railing at their ‘opponents’ across the aisle, they take a moment to cast a look upwards and see the dark hands of their puppeteers.

In closing, another point in your letter with which I found deep resonance: “’Woe to you teachers, for unto you is the greater condemnation.’ That means, if you’re a teacher, and not teaching the truth, BIG karma problems.”Some years ago I withdrew from the Truth movements due to concerns about personal safety. Your words reflect the rationale that brought me back. [Incidentally, I used to post to a rather large email group; it’s now been whittled down to less than a hundred significant 9/11 insiders. When I decided to return from my ‘retirement’, I wrote a short piece explaining why. It’s copied below should it interest you.] Keep up the excellent work, and thank you for your efforts.

Kind regards,NilaNILA SAGADEVAN
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