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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Open Letter To Glenn Beck

from Zen Gardner
Dear Glenn,

Much love and blessings for all your efforts and passion for truth and honesty. I have a request from the bottom of my heart.Please don't be so quick to disregard the conveniently labeled "truth" or "alternative" or "conspiracy" community. Not only are they brethren, but you're now well within it.

You're getting close. Perhaps when they really put your feet to the fire you'll be more willing to consider the more "extreme" angles to what's going on. Lately it seems you're moving in that direction. It's been giving me hope.

I was a huge fan of yours, a fist-pumping patriot (still am of sorts, but with a new awareness), so-called libertarian blogger etc. Until I had the 9/11 wake up. When you have that, your truth-seeking mind will unfold into a world you willspend the rest of your life exploring and helping others to discover. Much like what you do now, but this step will take you to new heights of awareness, as you realize how many not just false flags--as you now are aware the Obama squad would be more than willing to pull--have been foisted upon us, but how much false and hidden history, false and manipulated religion (as opposed to true spirituality), just about false anything that can be thrown at us to keep us bobbing and weaving and ingnorant of the truth.

You're bang on right about Obama, the FED and the banksters, slimy Soros and company, the coming crash and its severity, and the agenda that is now so obvious behind Obama and the world's slide into their “new order.” But don't be fooled by this false right/left paradigm. Just look at the continuity between administrations--they all string together, accomplishing the exact same goal of a suprafascist state, but with different lexicons to keep up the illusion of freedom and that our participation can substantially change their plan. That may sound like a sweeping paranoid generalization but hear me out.

That "they're all in on it" and being manipulated by behind the scenes forces is a seemingly disempowering realization, but not really, as you begin to grasp whole new perspectives on truth. Have you read the PNAC report of 2000, openly foretelling 9/11 in their need for "another Pearl Harbor" to convince the American people of their globalist agenda? I'm sure your're familiar with globalist Brzezinkski's 'The Grand Chessboard' book from 1997. In there he makes the original proposal for the exact same 'Pearl Harbor' event in order to catalyze American support for war. The boxcutter story does start to look a little silly, doesn't it? Especially when it's now been revealed Olson never received any calls from his wife on that day--and that was the only 'evidence' that these supposed terrorists used boxcutters.

Gripping theatre though, wouldn't you say? Nice visual. That and the unscathed bandana in a charred Pennsylvania ditch and the miracle Arabian passport that survived a fire so intense it supposedly melted a whole building. Hmm. But, ah, we have proof! But I don't want to spoil you're awakening. You'll find these clues along the way. If you are going to take a sincere look, Glenn, check out the architects and engineers for 9/11 truth. ( I have a scientifically oriented mind and these dispassionate researchers present documented scientific evidence without any shrill hyperbole. The man who started this site speaks full time now around the country to other architects and others interested. He, too, was a staunch conservative and was completely shocked when his own expertise led him to the inescapable truth. (There are also pilots, scholars, military leaders and many other highly qualified groups who are also speaking up for 9/11 truth you may want to look at.)

But this is big, I know, and seemingly preposterous. Could anyone pull this off in plain site? That's the trick.

Make the lie SO BIG no one could possibly believe it could be a lie. Sound familiar? As I believe you've said yourself: those who don't know real history are bound to repeat it.I don't mean to sound pedantic or condescending. You once were a "nobody" without this intimidating fame to run on and unfortunately now you have "much to lose" if you buck the tide, which understandably can be very compromising.

You've done well so far, but there's one more step I hope you'll be willing to take that'll take you to the next level where more awaits you. And don't take my word for any of this. You have to decide for yourself. I'm only an arrow. But I hope you'll be willing to give some of this an honest and truly open look.

Those of us who really care about sounding the alarm of the 'alternative community' for lack of a better word, have to deal with approaching or not approaching "big media names" daily, and almost always defer to "why bother" with the shout downs others have gotten. As a result, though, our alternative news grows exponentially for want of Truth in the mainstream media. It was encouraging recently, for instance, when Geraldo actually had an honest look at the free-fall collapse of WTC building 7, admitting he usually just blows off anything about 9/11 assuming it's another whack job.

But we can only hope and pray one of 'you' will help this global awakening, and wake up to the full truth--our government is not 'our' government!--and virtually never has been. A whole different plot is afoot, and it has nothing to do withpolitics. Politics, just like sports, is a convenient distraction while they run their “program.” 9/11 was but another manufactured event in this program, but can be a terrific catalyst that if discerned, will take you or anyone quickly to the 'big picture'. Yes, it has staggering implications--because they are.

By the way, I saw on one of your shows where you unfortunately hooted down someone questioning what hit the Pentagon, and you validated that it was a 757 by showing the 5 blurry frames of what the Defense Department released WAYafter the event. It's not clear what it is but like you said there's something there. And don’t you wonder why any and all surveillance camera footage was confiscated by agents immediately after the event and never released? C'mon,Glenn; don't pretend to champion the truth if you're going to be as selective as the rest of them.

You're getting there. If you read this I will be very happy, but not daunted if you don't. Truth stands for itself, whether or not the current "mediastocracy" will ever champion it. As Jesus said, “Woe to you teachers, for unto you is the greater condemnation.” That means, if you're a teacher, and not teaching the truth, BIG karma problems . . . but it's never too late. Touse the Christian analogy again, Saul turned Paul was supposed to have been one of the biggest turnarounds in recorded history. Is anyone in a position of 'power' man enough to be willing to do that again against today's Sanhedrin? Paul's a hero today, but was not a very popular guy back then, and he no doubt lost his 'day job' when he went ‘alternative.’

Is popularity getting the best of you?I hope this reaches you. There's an amazing, loving, totally committed self-sacrificial truth community rising around the world that will continue to grow despite anything, but this darkening world needs all the light and love we can give it. Just had to give this a try.As I like to say, "The more new pages I can turn in my book of life the better!"Are you willing to go all the way? Just turn the page and take a look . . . .

In Sincere Love for Truth,

Zen Gardner, co-warrior for Truth

P.S. I know how much you love historical context, so consider this. If you and I were raised in the Weimar Republic and saw the economy trashed and then get rebuilt rapidly under a dynamic new nationalist leader who captures everyone's imagination, we'd probably get on board. National pride flourishs, jobs are back, and there's food on the table again. The change for good is tangible and feels right. The meteoric rise to power of our brave new leader is challenged by insideous communist elements until, lo and behold, the bastards burn down the Reichstag, the German Parliament building! Our fearless leader seizes power, expunges the opposition, declares emergency measures for 'the homeland,’ and the nation is safe! Patriotism flourishes and cements the nation together, massively reinforced by a wickedly clever propaganda machine such as the world has never seen. The fascist clampdown tightens, and the war and atrocities soon begin.

Sound familiar? That's how they sell it, Glenn. Always have. You're just one level away from seeing the big picture.

And what do you think the vast entranced majority would think and say about "Reichstag Truthers" holding up signs saying, "The Reichtag Fire Was An Inside Job!" I don't think they lasted too long. Our Statist Cryptocracy is planning the same.

Think about it. It can't happen here? What, you think the Germans of that day were all possessed zombies? I dare say they were much smarter, harder working, probably healthier and way better educated than our average dumbed-down American of today. And you know it.

It not only can happen here, it already has, as I think you know.

You're just missing a few pieces of the puzzle to get an even fuller picture, Glenn, but it's a tough pill to swallow and has life-changing consequences to the conscious responder. Hey, you've gotten this far responding to the Truths you've discovered--why not go all the way?! Jesus and a few others dared to tell the whole truth and changed the world forever--and it only cost their lives!

But when you know you are an eternal soul accountable to only one source--one of Truth and Love--what's to fear? The only thing to truly fear is not living a loving, fully conscious and truly responsible life, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. What will we tell them when they ask "What were you doing Grandpa, when they were taking over the world?" There's your gauntlet. In love.

Zen Gardner is Contributing Editor for Alternative News at BeforeItsNews. Posts are also available at

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