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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

STOP!!!! LOOK!!!! LISTEN!!!!

By Jean Bush

It is my great pleasure to introduce INTHEKNOW7, whose site is linked on the right. As no words by me can do him justice, I'll let him speak for himself:

An anomaly: ex-military, de-programmed, “useless eater” repulsed by diabolical social alchemy of global management team. This blog attempts to expose Hegelian Dialectics (problem-reaction-solution) left vs. right, phony political paradigm w/perpetual divide & conquer schemes: Islam vs. Judaism-Christianity, Protestants vs. Catholics, whites vs. ”people of color”, men vs. women, which blinds us to the real faces of tyranny, hiding behind secret traditions, rites and rituals, altered indentities and dizzying array of front groups – living deliciously w/resources stolen from “the nations” via usurious money lending. They stand before us smugly decrying the very strategies they are the chief proponets of — blatantly exchanging Occult-Masonic hand grips, flashing Baphomet signs (devil horns) w/ their shifty-eyes and sly grins, spewing code words to their occultic brethren hidden amongst deluded supporters…

Study this site!! Read and learn, it's almost too late!!!

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  1. Thanks Much for shout out! I may have been too hasty in my earlier assessment -- pls accept sincerest apologies...

    For those seeking to unravel the many mysteries surrounding Team Palin and see beyond the "fantasy narrative" -- read Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin...

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant