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"A good researcher should not be afraid to change his mind; he should not feel desperate because his comforting beliefs leave him as soon as he begins to think critically. "

Jacques Vallée - Passage to Magonia

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Philip Jones

Philip Jones, my inspiration and dearest friend in the world, is dying of cancer. His doctors say he has only a few months left.

He will spend the remainder of his days in Denmark at home with his wife.

This news devastates all of us who know and love him. We will lose a brilliant and dedicated man who fought for us and warned us endlessly of the coming New World Order. Those of us who know him will continue this battle, not only on our behalf, but for him also.

Please continue to direct your friends and readers to his site, Righteous Alliance.

Pray for him if you can.

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  1. Philip Jones put me in touch with Jean Bush. He is thousands of miles away and Jean and I only 50 miles apart, but he got us together. I am hoping and praying that an alternative healing method will fing its way to Philip. His contribution to the world we live in is priceless.

    Anne M. Berg