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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Farewell, Dear Friend

Dear Readers:

In The Know7 (“ITK7″) Journal is officially closed. The blog remains open for research/comments/possible future postings. I’ve been both enriched and encouraged by this experience as I sincerely hope have all readers. This decision is voluntary and not reached under any duress, coercion or threat of violence of any sort — my family and I are safe. Many sacrifices accompanied compiling this material and though not a direct contributor to every post, rest assured my partners wise counsel and vision has been invaluable — truly the wind beneath my wings. I remain in awe of her strength, courage, intellect and dedication as she wrestles with the vicissitudes of life — head held high, always looking to learn, teach and encourage.
A thousand thank you’s to those in so-called alternative media community for welcoming us and putting up with my musings and rants — special acknowledgement to Henry Makow, Ph.D who put this blog on the map by promoting Sarah L. Palin exposes along w/ contributor Zen Gardner of BeforeItsNews. Administrator of Four Winds, Patrick Bellringer, who without hesitation, posted everything submitted. Early friend and supporter Joe Lanier of The Conspiracy Zone, and of course Ben of Pseudo Occult Media who was instrumental in helping me to see and interpret the Programming and to all who’ve steered traffic this way.
I count readers of this blog among the most civil, level headed and respectful in cyberspace, who’ve supported our work w/minimal drama, helped spread the word and stood faithfully by us, through blocks, bans, smears, shutdowns and all the rest — mutually strengthened in the process. Difficult as it may be, I admonish you to continue your search for truth — her arms are flung wide open, waiting to embrace you. I find myself emotionally torn stepping back from this work, feeling blessed to have been able to bring it forth, but saddened that much of it’s contents details such depravity that tragically shall continue. In many ways this blog has come to define a major part of my personality — now acutely aware of the facilitators of the horrors of our world, sickened by their heinousness, amazed at their boldness, yet resolved to fight with every fiber of my being not to succumb to their influences…
PARENTAL WARNING: Guard your children, for they are the true targets. Love them by teaching them to challenge authority,which cloaks this evil. The assault upon them is relentless and brutal, initiated from highest levels of clergy, government and military. Hollywood is a demonic cesspool, full of well protected predators, and should be avoided like the plague — keep your little ones as far away as possible. Plenty of outlets exist for gifts and talents to be displayed without being subjected to rampant pedophilia and demonic cabals!
Centerpiece of blog “MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Program Guide: Satanic Infiltration”outlines basics of Mind Kontrolle Programming will be restored/revised as it’s integral to all posts, giving insight into current shape, direction and focus of our culture. For new comers who may feel they’ve missed out, see Mind Kontrolle Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Programming
“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged WEB OF LIES has been SOLD GRADUALLY to the masses OVER GENERATIONS, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic” — Dresden James

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