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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Rush To Madness

By Jean Bush

I am sure for many of us, in our efforts to spread the truth of what’s happening in the world and to warn others of the coming NWO, the cost often leaves us in despair. I have lost friends, lovers and the certainty of a financially secure future. However, having been at this since 9/11 I have no recourse but to continue whether alone or not.

Once in a while, we come across someone whose beliefs are so entrenched that the slightest question of them generates a rage that is unaccountable and so out of control as to leave us gasping. Such a one is RR of The following is a brief exchange I had with him 2 days ago. I had hoped for some intelligent dialog with the creator of this site but his anger, rage and foulness is so over the top that I fear not for his sanity, but for those that follow and admire him. My first original comment he has deleted.

Aftermath: Often I get rude comments like this from individuals that I took time out from my schedule to answer. I got three comments from this one whose initials on her name "Jean Bush" match one of the trolls at YouTube who was stalking the girls named "JillyBeanie2410" who's enganged in Slander/Defamation of Character defined by BAR Assn LAW. In fact, she's tied to that New Ager fake Christian couple of shill trolls who stalk YouTube Christian Truthers, oddly. Her comments were God Hating Atheist types and each one more aggressive trying to provoke me to react to this troll her last 2 comments, quote:

Jean Bush just commented on the post "Answer to Questions by Readers..." on The RR

"Thanks for including me in your answer. YOU'RE certainty that there is a God does not mean there is one. And if I may be so bold as to say, what with thousands of years of natural disasters, murders, dead children and babies, rapes, tortures and millions of innocent people killed for no reason, it is HE who insults us. And as for praying, why in the hell would someone pray to a God who caused all this crap in the first place???? Free will? We are as much a prisoner of our biology, history and environment, as well as our minds, that we might as well be in chains. At any rate, time to go to work. And my name is everywhere. I've been screaming at them for years and they still won't come after me. Hell of a way to get a date! Hahaha!" Jean

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Instead of addressing my comment specifically , you seem more interested in making a show. And quoting Bible passages proves only that you have no originality. It was written by men. RR? Sounds like you're the one hiding behind a logo. Anyone revealing the Illuminati etc on their websites and who don't reveal their names, may be protecting their families and/or other vital interests. It doesn't make them shills. You seem pretty handy with the Blamethrower yourself. However, I like the term, may I use it?" Jean

First off: RR are my initials is all. My name RIcky Ray is on that interview. I don't hide behind logos.

  Second: I'm NOT making any "show" to anyone, trailer trash. I do this on my own time and dime. People like this are talentless and arrogant with deliberate intent to stalk people online as far as I'm concerned. Whoever You serve. Don't bother writing me ever again. Your kind are transparent to me. I can feel and see Your Aura and Energy Field... You're out of Your League trying to play childish occult psychic vampire games with me.

Third: I've made it very clear on my writings that I believe in God and His Son, Jesus. Atheism is a Belief System and Religion as much as any Organized Religion. In Fact it IS very Organized to discredit God and people. I do NOT like or subscribe to the New Agers nor Atheists who target me.

Fourth: I don't play clone shit with people. People like this are NOT "original" to me. Talentless Don Rickles type smartass stalking comments indicate such ones are beyond ignorant to stupid clones. You're in the wrong place so go someplace else to be entertained. It's clear You came here to bait me and try to provoke me. This is nothing new. This is NOT a Forum. Go to Godlike Productions or Icke's Forum... don't bother coming back here.

  Fifth: When people like that write smartass comments to provoke me, that to me is cheezy psychic vampirism. And I don't play into it with pathetic occult amateurs like this trying to stalk me writing insults to answers. You want a reaction to parasite Lifeforce, and that psychic vampirism game these types play is try to get people to bleed off Lifeforce they suck on as they infect the Host with their Disease like Ticks and Mosquitoes.

Sixth: When someone plays that petty baiting games with me online, I cut them off and delete their comments and have NO further contact with them, but I will keep their comments on File to be sent Notarized my Attorneys. Online harassment can be met by Legal Remedy and like the 13th Shill article shows, people that stalk people online thinking they're slick can be traced quite easily and their IP/ISP to their home or wherever they stalk people online from geographically, and they can be arrested and dealt with in BAR Assn. Courts; and even be Extradited if need be. Seventh: You're in the WRONG place. You're cut off and I refuse to give Your kind my Lifeforce by answering You trying to bait me. Go in Peace and be where You are happy online is all I will say on people who stalk me here trying to evoke a response bleeding off Lifeforce off people they victimize by emotional co-dependent parasite games.

These images speak for themselves as do his comments. People like RR do irreparable harm to our work. They are best avoided and if not, ignored.


  1. Yep...that's how he rolls -- Petty, vindictive and reflexively childish...

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  2. Forget the smartass comments. I read all comments and then judge what is good or bad and occasionally I learn something from a 'smartass' comment. Keep up the good work here.

  3. Don't feed trolls! they are so obvious. One thing I've noticed about the youtuber trolls (before I knew about the hired ones.. hired by the "eternally persecuted") is that they invest a liiiittle bit toooo much time on their comments. Totally "into it" if you get what I mean. I respond to them, if at all, with one statement to the effect of The Simple Gospel. One can NOT argue using "words of wisdom": I Corinthians 1:17,19,21: For Christ sent me…to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect…For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent…For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe."

    IN OTHER WORDS save your breath. Throw them a crust, and move on. If they take it, fine- if not- they may starve. Peace

  4. Thank you all for your comments and support. I will most certainly follow your advice.


  5. You're so right; I waste too much time on this. Not even a crust:)

  6. I've been aware of all of this & some of you, thru someone on Facebook who is either *) the son or step son of this mysterious RR. *) actually RR poseing as a 20 something hispanic kid from Denver/Aurora *) or all of the above. The 1st hit from ITK7, I've been to your site, via this person, & he called you an active NSA/DoD employee out shilling the truthers & selling out ppl. I have no idea who is real, & I trust NO ONE. But this guy , Charlie TonyVasquez, is a real weird s o b & it all sounds like the same shit I've gone thru. I want RR to showup & put his FACE on a video & his hometown, like the rest of us, or he gets no respect from me. He knows wayyyyy to much & is always "right" or always has a "addd on of info" to what others say, even if its the most secret. I really don't care if they read this, its kill em & let God judge me. Angel of Death-