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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Makow vs Rense: Revenge, Retribution and Rot

By Jean Bush

The current battle between Henry Makow and Jeff Rense has gone far beyond mere squabbling to outright ugliness and dangerous slander. I will not publish the entire feud except for the most recent slingings. Makow’s posting is here:

And the Rense reply here:

Unable to call Mr. Makow a pig directly, Mr. Rense resorts to French, hoping to add a touch of elegance to his insane ranting. Jeff Rense’s own excremental deposit has left me gasping. Unable to intelligently refute the accusations of Makow, Rense resorts to childish name calling and unaccredited psychological profiling, including calling Henry a psychopath.

“If there was ever needed a more perfect example of the evil that has our planet by the throat and is attempting to choke the life out of it, look no farther than Le Pig's psychopathic personal attacks.”Henry Makow evil??? This man has been fighting and exposing the New World Order for over 20 years. His entire website,, is devoted to this. Jeff Rense, at, while posting thousands of articles from various writers over the years in the same vain, posts far too many fillers, from Vietnam vets who see aliens in their backyards to English cats who ride buses.

According to Jeff, the feud started when:

“The issue that prompted Le Pig's current hoof-stomping, snorting, and pawing is the FUKUSHIMA catastrophe and the efforts by the global elite to close down all honest and factual reporting of it in favor of Le Pig's style of preposterous, absurd tales of unsubstantiated fiction and gross disinformation. To contend that the Fukushima disaster was a deliberate consipiracy carried off with submarines and nuclear weapons, as Le Pig promotes, is beyond ludicrous as any reasonable mind that has followed the reporting of the crisis on knows. It was this "dispute" that led to his being jettisoned.”As you can see, Jeff does not even have the balls to refer or link the original report.

I have read the sabotage report of Jim Stone posted by James Farganne on Makow’s site. While I have made no conclusions regarding this and do not understand all the science involved, I firmly believe it is a valid viewpoint that should be published. Jeff Rense, in his hysterical explosions, has so far failed to refute a single allegation or fact in this report, with which he so violently disagrees. I shall be posting Jim Stone’s report shortly.

At any rate, I firmly believe that Henry Makow is exhausted by this useless battle and will now be moving on to more important things, like fighting the Satanic forces that seem to have us in a death grip. Jeff Rense can continue posting his alien and cat fillers ad nauseum while the real fighting goes on elsewhere.

Those who see the truth know where to look; as for the rest of you, (Jeff) you can all go to the hell you so richly deserve.


  1. I basically agree with you. I have been on Henry's radio shows a couple of times, so you might accuse me of bias. (I have been a longtime fan of his teaching.) But I mostly stood on the sidelines until I read an article by "Les Visible" on the fight. The basic values there -- positioning themselves as "feminists" when it really means, "I get to enjoy goddess trash all I like" -- offends me. Then I saw the bizarre "procurer" material at MySpace and heard about his recent "liberated goddess" for his trashpile. I give my views on the whole thing here:

  2. Well you are wrong on a number of accounts. First of all not only has Makow not moved on - he is continuing his slanderous tirades against Rense & has even recruited an alleged "ex-wife" into his ranks who reeks of cointelpro or was prompted to side against Rense after being exposed by Makow in an irresponsible earlier article whereby he dangerously listed the NAMES of all of Rense's ex-wives thus endangering their lives in the process. There is no justifiable excuse for that.

    I am perplexed as to why you would gloss over the fact that Makow called Rense a psychopath first before Rense responded that Makow slanderous rants were psychopathic. Since you posted this article Makow has gone on the author quite a number of more slanderous articles accusing Rense of being a psychopath thus destroying his credibility in the process. Makow outright LIED about Rense concerning a number of matters ie: accusing him of having a "face lift" when in fact Rense has had treatment for Bell's Palsy / accusing him of having an expensive house when in fact it was condemned due to a lack of foundation / accusing him of having an expensive car when in fact is was a scrap. The list goes on & on & Makow acts as though his lies & slander hold any credible weight - despite & in the face of his lies being exposed as such.

    Furthermore there is the curious question of where Makow got all those exclusive photos of Jeff Rense back when he was younger. One does not find just those photos from a simple web search thus Makow [ or someone working for him ] has been accused of stealing them from Rense's computer.

    Then there is the even more curious surfacing of an odd video showing a twelve year old Makow on a game show with a panel of pedo movie stars begging the question whether Makow is an M K Ultra mind controlled slave who was triggered to attack his former friend Rense as part of an Zionist psy-op. After I found this video I was shocked to the core because I only know all too well the dire & staggering significance of seeing a twelve year old Makow surrounded by pedo movie / entertainment industry stars on a game show.

    The timing of this apparent feud could not be more curious just as World War III is about to be started & the Global police state about to swing into full force. I think all this is aimed at getting the truth community distracted & fighting among themselves taking sides so that they are not paying attention to the issues that matter. I say as this as a long time fan of both Makow & Rense & even of Alex Jones - but over the years I have found myself being increasingly alienated from all 3 of them over their odd behaviours & conduct. Looks like our "leaders" are their own worst enemies. This is a sad day for the truth movement as I never thought that it would be destroyed from within as I always though the threat would come from without.

  3. Furthermore I find it odd how you accuse Rense of "insane ranting" [ as though he started it ] when he was simply responding to Makow's slanderous insane ranting which started this whole ugly row. And do not come with the notion Rense censored Makow because that is not true either as Rense simply did not want to post a link to Jim Stone whom he could not trust.

    Rense in fact had offered to continue linking to Makow's own ORIGINAL articles but Makow refused simply because he did not get his way in overriding Rense's role as editor of his own website! It is Rense's prerogative to refuse to link to anything he does not want to link to. Otherwise we might as well already be under SOPA. Let's try to get the proper perspective in all of this.

    Rense seems to get a lot of flak for reporting on UFOs while forgetting some very important points. A) Jeff Rense got his start in radio as the radio version of the television program Sightings: a program specifically about the mainstream tracking of UFO anomalies!!!!! Thanks to the television program Sightings I first heard of NORAD [ which actually TRACKS UFOS ALL THE TIME ] in 1994 then later in 1997 found the Jeff Rense program also called Sightings online by searching for the t-v Sightings website. B) There is such a plethora of documentation concerning the UFO phenomena that to neglect covering it would be to bury ones head in the sand. Even the truther hero the late Bill Cooper used to talk about it & show documentation before he curiously later asserted that it was a government psy-op. [ some of it indeed it but there are authentic unexplainable episodes ] Let's not forget the even more heroic coverage of the late Phil Schneider who covered this topic & how it fits into the New Word Order agenda. C) Few outlets even bother to take the investigation of UFOs seriously thus Rense should be commended not condemned for his brave coverage of this misunderstood & pathologically misrepresented topic.

    I have been following the exchanges of both Rense & Makow & while neither really come out smelling like a rose - it is obvious that Makow has resorted to a personal attack & slander as a petulant vendetta against Rense simply because Makow could not convince Rense to post a link to Stone's [ plausible in grand total speculative theory ] but admittedly dubious in evidence report.

    Just you watch. This insane vendetta is going to end up in court. I can see it now. Makow shows no signs of stopping his attack dog slander so Rense will have no choice. I can also see one of Makow's many wives also coming out of the woodwork denouncing Makow in a similar vein considering his sordid & unstable history with marriage as well. How sad that this bizarre episode shows no signs of ending well as we are dealing with two very strong willed personalities who will never likely back off. Just that I never though that this was how the truth movement would be killed. The elite must be laughing all the way to their fascist control. This is not a proud time for truth reporters as they are starting to appear to the average Joe as being not much better than their mainline corporate controlled counterpart.

  4. Well said...I've enjoyed Henry's support for yrs, often posting articles of mine Rense would not -- be that as it may, both are respected, but have gone way over the line! I hope the volume/heat is quickly lowered, as it distracts from the REAL ENEMY! Whatever merit there may be in each position has been lost in the vitriol. My partner (Esoteric Kitten) and me have been at odds w/some so-called "truthers" and are intimately aware of how destructive feuds can be -- drains energy, time, resources and cast shadows on either sides work product. The Rense/Makow dust up smacks of "divide and conquer" tactics...anyone agree?

    Mind Kontrolle Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Prog'mg

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  5. Thanks Jean for your support.

    I am not exhausted by this battle, and find it strange that so many people feel personally attacked.

    It is very hard to expose a psychopath without being personal.


    Recieved via email. Jean

  6. I believe what is happening is a good thing. We are supposed to be adults here and should, after a few years of alternative Internet media, be able to judge what is and what isn't. Rense and Makow have two very different sites and each presents his material in a unique way. Vive la différence. Having said that, this so called "infighting" is not new. Alex Jones and Bill Cooper were at odds, as well as many others since the alternative media lifted off the ground. I believe this development is healthy and keeps us out here in the wilderness on our toes. Surely we, who do not frequent the main street media, are smart enough to decide for ourselves what to think and what to believe.

    Exposing or explaining a single psychopath cannot be done unless one goes into details. When the psychopath has a name then personal information is vital in order to warn others. Psychopaths in professions; for instance politicians, bankers, corporate and military brass, can be explained as a group. There is no other way but to be blunt about this.

    There is a difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. Sociopathic behavior is developed over time due to the environment the person grows up in. There may or may not be help for such a person. A psychopath is born and can never be cured. They lack consciousness and feelings which sets them apart from the rest of us. However, they are able to mimic real human emotions if the situation calls for it. I once heard a person in the know describe it this way: A psychopath walks down the sidewalk and sees an automobile accident where a mother is cradling an injured baby in her arms, crying hysterically. He walks home and stands in front of a mirror practicing the grief he saw in the mother's face. This is how they get away with what they do from top to bottom, and they are only number one percent among us. A good spring cleaning has been done until next time.

  7. Well this Makow character is only further revealing himself to be a total liar with an agenda because he is now openly attacking & lying about none other than David Icke: yet another long time friend / ally whom he is castigating as controlled opposition. But Makow has overstepped because this time his mendacity is more blatant than it was against Jeff Rense. Makow erroneously accused Icke of saying that he [ Icke ] says an alien saviour will come but Icke has NEVER said that & in fact Icke has been very clear that the notion of waiting for the Calvary is just a pys-op to prevent people from getting off of their asses to do something themselves. Icke has been very adamant that humans have to get off the couch & save themselves & that waiting for a saviour is just a mind game aimed at subverting humans. Hell: he even wrote a book called Human Race Get Off Your Knees. Does that sound like someone who is advocating that we just wait for someone else to save us from our predicament.

    Another grotesque lie Makow hurled at Icke was the erroneous notion that Icke promotes the New Age Movement when Icke once again has been very adamant in EXPOSING & pointing out that the New Age Movement is yet another cul de sac that is going nowhere as it is itself a form of controlled opposition leading people astray. Why does Makow issue such transparent / observable & documented grade school level lies / attacks against Icke who has never done anything against Makow yet is now receiving his opprobrium? He even had to nerve to suggest that Icke "was taking sides" while seemingly oblivious to his attacks on Icke [ he pathologically does not see his own psychotic attacks as attacks but bizarrely tries to wear a laughable but Emperor Has No Clothes veneer of "moral superiority" complete with further attacking his targets when they have the gall to defend themselves from his attacks! ] which prompted Icke to respond to Makow & also remove him from his own web site as well. He has accused both Icke & Rense of being charlatans simply because they try to make some money in the process of delivering the truth. I guess it takes one to now one as he too tries to make money off of his stuff. I thought the notion of pillorying folks for trying to earn a bit of fiat currency was the talking point of a collectivist agent. What ever happened to the notion of free enterprize & economic independence particularly in these economically cascading times.

    There is no logical explanation why someone would work so hard to destroy their credibility in such a short time span & the cover story he gave [ as per Rense's refusal to link to the Jim Stone report ] does not satisfactorily answer the question. For one thing Makow seemed to be quite ready to strike out against Rense with hit pieces in quite a very short time span with pat talking points & links to debunked & discredited sources [ ie: the CIA front known as Wing T V which tried to co-opt Rense circa 2005 then turned their fury against him just like Makow is now doing for the similar crime of refusing to hand editorial control over to the Wing Nuts ] right down to having EXCLUSIVE pictures [ from decades ago ] of Rense which were not available through the internet as they were only located on Rense's computer before the suddenly & bizarrely showed up on Makow's site via his hit piece articles. That alone is deeply troubling all by itself & raises serious questions. For example: how did he obtain such exclusive pictures which were only ever in Rense's possession on Rense's computer.

  8. Henry Makow has been exposed as the real psychopath. See