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Monday, January 25, 2010

Reporting the Dirty, Nasty, Stinking Accurate Truth

by William Dean A. Garner

When Too Much Is, Well, Too Much

I’m guilty as sin and I apologize for this.

Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, David Icke, and other fringe reporters of the dirty, nasty, stinking, accurate truth are also guilty.

How could those of us who are disseminating the truth about our government and its handlers be a bad thing?

Simple: we say too much, and it’s absolutely overwhelming to those who were weaned on traditional mass-media news icons like Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, Christiane Amanpour et al.

Alex Jones has several websites and each looks like a schizoid version of the National Enquirer. Who in their right mind would ever migrate to such a tabloid? Alex isn’t guilty of reporting anything false, it’s just all overwhelming and seemingly a negative take on all the things we take for granted about how our government works, and it scares the hell out of us ordinary citizens. So there must be a way to report on the ill deeds of our government and its handlers, i.e. the Brzezinski Cartel, without frightening the general public.

Unfortunately, most people will discount the dirty, nasty, stinking, accurate truth I write here. It’s just too sensational, unbelievable and, above all, too much too soon.

Good marketers know what I’m talking about: a client has an excellent product or service that is so far outside the mainstream that it appears false. So how to market such an entity? Again, simple: a little at a time to a select few whose girded loins can handle the stress. With time, release a little more info to others, who in turn spread the word to others.

Again, I am guilty as sin for posting sensational pieces about how Zbigniew Brzezinski and his banker-bosses run the western world. What good American citizen who was force-fed 9th grade Civics, voted in every election since they were 18, and registered as either a Republican or Democrat would ever consider reading such drivel?

Unfortunately, most people will discount the dirty, nasty, stinking, accurate truth I write here. It’s just too sensational, unbelievable and, above all, too much too soon.

Another confession: I’m not a good marketer. I like to spill it all in one spoonful. And then do it again two seconds later. I may as well dump a truckload of New Truth all over you. Hopefully, someone much much smarter than I will come to our rescue, re-package my information, and then find a better way to disseminate to the general public, so the dirty, nasty, stinking, accurate truth gets out there.

I’m guilty as sin and I apologize for this.

Still, if you’re in a forgiving mood, I kindly ask that you brave the 10X news I offer here. What’s 10X? It’s a neologism that means something like “tens times the normal concentration of something, or something that’s overwhelmingly concentrated or dense.” I ask that you take the time to read these pieces, consider them, let them bounce around your subconscious for a few weeks, then read them again. It takes time to consider concepts that go against the grain of a reality that’s been shoved down our throats since birth. Take your time, please.

And when you get it, please pass it on and help others overcome that initial overwhelming feeling.
Alex Jones et al. have the right idea: to spread the word about the ill deeds of our government, Zbigniew Brzezinski and the evil family Rothschild, and to ignite a concerted resistance against this insidious change. I fully support him and others for braving the elements and getting the word out. I also ask Alex et al. to consider what I’ve written here and find a way to dole out the bad news to everyone without scaring them off forever.

This is too much. I’m going out for a Dr Pepper. . . .

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  1. Evenys are moving so fast, do we still have the luxury of selective reporting?